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XCentium’s OrderCloud Forward 2.0: Subscriptions

XCentium has added Subscriptions and Subscription Management to our OrderCloud Forward 2.0 offering.

OrderCloud Forward 2.0 brings a whole new definition to accelerated composable eCommerce experiences for B2X and marketplaces. OC Forward 2.0 leverages Sitecore OrderCloud Commerce Headless and Content Hub One so you can manage your storefront, content, and assets from a single platform.

Being composable in nature, you can easily connect to other tools and platforms without the need for upgrades. OC Forward 2.0 can also be deployed to Vercel or Azure Static WebApps.

Leveraging OrderCloud’s Subscription APIs, XCentium has fashioned a Next.js implementation that provides a ready-to-go, user-friendly interface that facilitates subscription creation and management.

The subscription implementation provides:

  • An easy-to-use product detail page user interface (UI) that allows you to choose a subscription offering:


  • A straightforward UI to modify subscription recurrence in-cart:


  • The ability to add subscription details to the checkout flow:


  • A customer subscription management page where all subscriptions may be inspected and modified easily. The available modifications are:

    a. Pause a subscription

    b. Change the next delivery date

    c. Change recurrence period

    d. Skip the current delivery date

    e. Cancel subscription

    f. Modify of Billing Address, Shipping Address and Payment


Creation of subscriptions is easy as well via the OrderCloud APIs. Existing products may be decorated with subscription data which will be recognized by the Next.js front end, providing all the functionality elucidated above automatically.

Subscriptions are just one of the rich functionalities being introduced to XCentium’s OrderCloud Forward 2.0. There is much more to come, and we are excited to share it with you.

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