XCentium Launches XBlog Blog Module for Sitecore

We are pleased to announce XBlog, a newly-developed Sitecore module that allows blogs to be integrated and supported seamlessly within a Sitecore-based website.

XBlog, now available in the Sitecore Marketplace, was created by two seasoned XCentium Sitecore developers, Zac Malmquist and Matt Kloss, both whom recognized the need for a more elegant solution for managing blogs.

With their extensive experience in writing custom blog modules and using third-party blog modules for Sitecore, the developers realized that there wasn’t a simple solution for supporting MVC and Web Form platforms, or handling multiple blogs on the same Sitecore instance.

In addition to addressing those needs, XBlog provides developers the ability to easily set up a new blog “out of the box,” complete with simple, straight-forward user controls. In addition, it provides standard blogging features such as author bios, tags, search, and social media integrations. For websites that already have a WordPress blog, XBlog includes an importer that quickly uploads blog content and its structure into a Sitecore framework for ease of management and customizations.

“The thinking behind XBlog’s architecture and the attention to details such as implementing for SEO purposes are what I am most proud of,” said Kloss.

“We saw a need and a challenge. In the end, we are very happy with how things turned out.” said Malmquist, a Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

XBlog is XCentium’s 17th module created and available within the Sitecore Marketplace. “We are so excited about our team addressing a need and continuing to provide more value to the Sitecore community,” said Martin Knudsen, Partner at XCentium.