XCentium launches GigyaSitecore Connector

XCentium today announced that it has launched the Gigya-Sitecore Connector. With the Gigya-Sitecore integration by XCentium, you can easily embed Gigya’s Social Login, RaaS (Registration-as-a-Service), Sharing, and Community Features throughout your Sitecore websites to facilitate deeper engagement and loyalty while collecting actionable consumer insights.

Increased registrations with Social Login: Reduce the barrier to entry to login by allowing users to sign in to your site using their existing social media identities, or any OpenID or SAML provider you choose to offer.

Full site implementation from a single dashboard: Easily integrate Gigya’s on-site plugins from the Sitecore admin panel, dramatically simplifying the implementation process.

Action deep consumer insights without the legwork: Increase user engagement and time spent on your site with out-of-the-box personalization tools. Customize your site content on a user-by-user basis by tying a user’s social profile, custom site information, influencer details, and activity data directly into Sitecore’s engine for presenting content to users.

Simplified Facebook App Review: Satisfy Facebook’s requirement to use any extended profile permissions directly within the user’s on-site experience, without any additional development work by your team.

More accurate user data: Unify consumer identity across multiple devices while offering users relevant experiences with consistent database updates that reflect users’ real-time social profile changes.

Stay socially compliant: Gigya’s Identity Storage complies with key social network platform policies, saving valuable development time and resources while ensuring compliance with social privacy and data standards.

The Gigya-Sitecore connector can be found at