XCentium launches Avalara plugin for Sitecore OrderCloud

Taxes made easy

OrderCloud® by four51, now Sitecore OrderCloud®, is a cloud-based offering. Being built on headless architecture and API-first focused design means integrations with 3rd party platforms are pretty flexible and straight-forward. OrderCloud® is designed to be extensible to suit the needs of individual client/project requirements. Xcentium has been a leader in developing extensions and customizations for Sitecore solutions and now for Sitecore OrderCloud®. To this end, Xcentium has developed a plugin for Sitecore OrderCloud® with Avalara, one of industry-leading tax calculation SaaS solution that should be familiar to all types of developers. Avalara’s easy sandbox account creation, tax compliance and extensive documentation make it a perfect choice for integrating with Sitecore OrderCloud®.

Avalara Integration Highlights

  • Cloud-based tax calculation system with built-in rate changes assessment.
  • Maps OrderCloud cart, line item and address entities to Avalara transactions
  • Uses OrderCloud integration events to enable auto tax calculation for cart.

To develop this integration, I had to take care of some prerequisites

  • Get a free Avalara Sandbox Account
  • Get an OrderCloud Account + populate it with commerce data.
  • Create a free ngrok Account
  • Fork the OrderCloud Headstart or Catalyst SDK
    • If the requirement is to completely separate integration, Catalyst should be used.

Then I performed the following steps,

  • First, I installed the Avalara AvaTax SDK on the Catalyst middleware application
  • Create a class to configure endpoint and update settings to pass in the license key, end-point URL, and account ID.
  • Convert OrderCloud® OrderWorkSheet to AvaTax’s CreateTransactionModel and use the configured class from the step above to create a transaction to get back the total tax amount.
    • Note: Avalara/AvaTax checks for address validation. Make sure to supply the correct address.

Avalara Blog img 1

  • Added a Avalara integration project modeled and built out the required functionality
    • Avalara config model
    • Create Transaction model
    • Create Transaction method


  • Configured ngrok to route integration event requests to my local machine for testing purposes
  • Create an integration event of type OrderCheckout in the Sitecore OrderCloud® portal that calls my middleware service after the order is filled with shipping information.

Testing can also be done through OrderCloud® portal as seen below:

Avalara Blog img 3

This integration event can also be used to commit, uncommit and void tax transactions in Avalara based on customer requirements.