Where I can see last indexed time at Coveo admin

How To See The Latest Rebuild Time in Coveo Admin Tool with the Sitecore Platform

When you log on to Coveo admin and you think "Last Source Refresh/Rebuild won't update" would give you the latest index rebuild time? That wasn't always the case. 

My client asked me why the indexing status under "Last Source Refresh/Rebuild won't update" seems too old. 

When the client rebuilt the index, it only took 4 seconds which seems too short as usually when rebuilt in Sitecore, it takes 2 hours.

According to this Coveo article the index rebuild is done in Sitecore rather than in Coven admin:

According to the article, if you open the CES Console while rebuilding the index, you will be able to see the status while the index is being rebuilt. 

I triggered an index rebuild in Sitecore and I verified this on my local CES console. 
Also the indexing results are available in indexing manager as usual.

However, I don't see the status being updated on the Coveo admin overview page so I opened a ticket with Coveo, and then received a reply that this is expected behavior. 

According to the Coveo Support team, the reason "Last Source Refresh/Rebuild" isn't updating for anything after the initial build is because since Sitecore is a push source, CES can't fetch the documents from Sitecore. It can only process the documents that are waiting in the queue. Because we have live monitoring enabled, CES is always awaiting items to be added to the queue to process them. When it processes them, it doesn’t see that as a ‘rebuild’ and won't update this field. 

With live monitoring off, items in the queue won’t be processed by themselves, so a rebuild/refresh must be triggered, either manually or on schedule. When that happens, the refresh/rebuild field is updated.

I verified that by turning Live Monitoring off manually, I could see the status been updated correctly. 
I could also schedule the refresh as certain time as well. 

However, I was wondering if there are other ways I can see the last index rebuilt time somewhere in Coven admin.
When I go to "Indexed Documents" -> Sort By " Indexed date" and open the first document's "Details," the "Indexed Date" matched my last indexing date. I then wondered if I could use this as a work around. However, the manually rebuild index in Coveo admin is not an option as it takes 2 hours+ for one index. Also, setting up a schedule won't cover the case when we manually triggered index rebuilt. 

If I could use this 'Indexed Date" as workaround that would save me, and others, a lot of time. I met with the Coveo Support team, and they confirmed I could use this solution as a work around.

I hope my solution helps you with your Coveo and Sitecore projects.