V3 Electric Salesforce Moodle LMS Integration

An Exceptional LMS Structure

V3 focuses on nurturing their employees firsthand because they embody the cause and purpose of V3. For that reason, they reached out to XCentium to build an intuitive training platform that would help keep track of their new hires' learning curve and measure their progress. As a Salesforce B2B Commerce Master Navigator, we were ready to take on the task of implementing a custom solution for two-way integration between Moodle LMS and Salesforce.

Interest in online and distance learning boomed during the summer of 2020 and this trend carried over to corporate environments as human resources and other departments created new ways to onboard and train new and existing employees. As more companies shift to offer hybrid and remote work options, the need to provide distance learning and training programs will continue to grow.  Google trends reported a 10x increase in search volume for "Learning Management Systems" and related keyphrases between Dec 2019 and August 2020. 

V3 Electric is a clean energy solutions provider and is known to be California's premier solar provider. With over a million dollars in customer savings and 35,000 KWH generated, V3 believes in giving people more freedom when it comes to buying energy. They believe in innovation, delivering a unique customer experience, and offering the best prices.

Previously, V3's training consisted of a set of emailed links that redirect to a set of videos for new hires to watch. The process was rigid, time-consuming, and difficult to keep track of. By partnering with XCentium, we were able to deliver an organized and straightforward LMS that allowed new hires to create an account and watch videos in the correct order, all while offering tracking and reporting data.

To deliver real-time reporting within Salesforce, XCentium developed custom connectors between Moodle (LMS) and Salesforce to showcase every new employee's learning path and progress.

A Step Towards Innovation

To deliver real-time reporting within Salesforce, XCentium developed custom connectors between Moodle (LMS) and Salesforce to showcase the learning path and progress of every new employee. The LMS's dashboard originally consisted of learning pads, with courses that showed completion upon taking a quiz. Since V3's priority was videos, we had to customize the dashboard and progress bar to work around video views. Moreover, Moodle as a platform can produce reports, but not as a direct interface with Salesforce. XCentium had to create and customize that link between the two platforms to deliver real-time reporting. The requirements for this initiative included:

  • A flexible and organized LMS
  • Progress report depending on video views, sections completed, date of completion, etc.
  • Real-time data reporting within Salesforce
  • Effective documentation and tracking
  • Custom connectors between Moodle, Skyvia, and Salesforce.

By taking V3's existing content and organizing it into a feature-rich LMS, this allowed new hires to come in and experience content in an effective way. Some of the new customized LMS capabilities included:

  • Recording live data within the existing Salesforce system
  • Maximizing the efforts and investment of V3's content
  • Maximizing the investment into new hires
  • Guaranteeing the best possible outcomes of new hires
  • Increasing new hire performance and efficiency

To learn more, click here to download V3's case study. 

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