Top 4 Reasons to Integrate Video Into the Core to your Digital Experience

In advance of Sitecore Symposium, we are excited to announce that Brightcove and XCentium have partnered to combine the power of the Sitecore Experience Platform and the Brightcove Video platform to create personalized and measurable digital experiences that deliver outstanding ROI for our mutual clients. XCentium invited Erik Ducker, Senior Partner Success Manager from Brightcove Video to share key reasons to consider hosting video natively on your website through the Brightcove Sitecore connector:


Customers choose Sitecore to deliver exceptional digital experiences for their brand, so it makes the most sense to use a video platform that delivers top notch video results.

Did you know that free video players, like YouTube and Vimeo, can actually end up costing your email? Even though YouTube is one of the most highly trafficked search engines, YouTube is not an ideal video partner as they are incentivized to take people away from your website and video. Vimeo lacks the flexibility to meet the needs of your organizational goals with video.

Below are the top 4 reasons to consider making Brightcove Video a core part of your digital strategy:

Video is the most engaging medium on the internet. Everyone is watching

It’s no surprise to most that video is powerful. It combines audio and visual into a naturally engaging, immersive experience that allows users to be transported to a new world.  With the prediction that internet traffic will be nearly 82% video by 2021, it’s clear why many marketers place a heavy emphasis on using video to reach their key demographics..

Site visitors are more likely to convert

As customers continue to engage heavily with video, it’s imperative to have video on your website to attract customers. Many marketers and business owners place a video on their site and expect results. Strategy and technology is needed to deliver a great user experience, leading your site visitor into a repeat viewer. Ultimately, converting your viewer into a loyal follower.

It is important to map out your viewer journey, similar to mapping out a buyer persona, giving your viewer a reason to click “play” on your video. Then, identify what you want the viewer to do next. Do you want them to fill out a form or purchase a product? One way to lead viewers to the desired next step is to place a Call-to-Action over the lower portion of the video so they can identify it more easily. As your viewer finishes the video… there are two goals: to avoid the screen going black and preventing YouTube’s suggestion to watch a video that takes your potential customer away from your website.

You’ll be found through search

Search engines love video. It’s clear that they love YouTube videos, but you can still achieve great results with your own video solution with a software such as Brightcove. While it’s still important to have video content on YouTube due to their popularity, it is beneficial to have most of your content directly on your website. Once a potential customer is beyond the awareness stage and knows your brand, viewers want to come directly to your website, giving you complete control of their experience within your brand. Recently, we examined our own web traffic and found that nearly 20% of our traffic comes from people organically searching for “Brightcove”. It’s important to ensure that potential traffic lands directly on your website, as this also gives you better analytics to study your customer behavior.

For example, if you search “Home Depot How To Install Fence Posts,” you will see that the top Google results take you to Home Depot’s site, not YouTube. Even when you remove “Home Depot,” the first result (after Wikihow) still takes you to Home Depot. This exemplifies the power of video SEO and how to have Google recognize your brand.

Better understand your buyer

Video provides a rich dataset that can be used to analyze the viewer’s behavior. For example, what videos your viewer watched, the percentage of each video watched, and which links were clicked. This enables triggers behind the scenes, ensuring the sales person has the appropriate information when following up with the engaged viewer.


With the partnership of XCentium and Brightcove, and the Brightcove Connector to Sitecore that XCentium developed, you can deliver measurable and personalized video experiences that deliver substantial ROI. XCentium is the preferred integrator of the Brightcove platform into Sitecore. Now you can leverage the Brightcove toolset while maintaining existing publishing workflows of your Sitecore CMS. With analytics integrations and personalization, you ensure you are playing the right video for the right viewer, at the right time.

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