Top 10 Commerce Website Must Have Functionalities

When a business uses a commerce website, the client will expect to be able to purchase products from the website. In this age of technology it is really important to allow the client to place an order from a mobile device. For instance, the client could be on a construction site and does not want to have to go back to his or her desk to order the pipe they are missing. In addition, it is helpful to have the option to retain credit card information so the client does have to enter it each time they are purchasing from the website.

Once the order has been completed, it is valuable to make sure the client is able to view the current order status and see a list of orders they have purchased previously with the company. This is really helpful for the client if they wish to reorder a previous purchase. Along that same idea, if there is an option for the client to setup a subscription to get the same order every month it might make them into a reoccurring customer.

The marketing department of a business also has something to gain from a commerce website. For a businesses marketing department, the ability to track the customers and their purchases on the website would help the business identify any areas to improve the purchase flow. In order to do this, the commerce website would need to enable analytic. In addition, a business would also benefit from having the ability to offer promotions like free shipping and the occasional discounts or sale. A commerce website should also have the option to give important clients special prices verses those that would be one time only clients.  Finally, the marketing department will also want to improve customer relations and increase customer revenue. To allow the business to improve the customer interactions, the commerce website should be integrated with CRM.

The last important functionality of a commerce website should be to have the orders sent directly to the warehouse for fulfillment and shipping.  To enable this option, integration with the ERP system is a must.

To summarize, below are the top ten must have features for a commerce website:

  1. Ability to place an order with a mobile device.

  2. Ability to recall credit card information.

  3.  Ability to see order status.

  4.  Ability to view order history.

  5.  Ability to reorder from previous purchases, and setup a subscription.

  6.  Enabling analytics to track customers and their habits.

  7.  Promotions.

  8.  The option for customer/group specific pricing.

  9.  Integration with CRM system.

  10. Integration with ERP system.