The Future with a Composable Architecture

What is composable architecture?

The rise of front-end frameworks, APIs, and microservices, got the ball rolling for SaaS solutions and tech accessibility. A composable architecture is that where every component is pluggable and scalable in an agile environment to meet evolving business needs. By shifting to a composable architecture, businesses have the ability to choose best of breed technology to deliver faster digital experiences with less effort. Gartner, Inc. predicts that by 2023, organizations that have adopted an intelligent composable approach will implement new features 80% faster than their competitors who have adopted a suite or a bespoke approach.

Advantages of composable

With ongoing customer demands, businesses should be able to pivot and make changes quickly and easily. By gaining more control over different elements users interact with, brands have more creative freedom to experiment with design and richer user experiences. Some of the advantages of adopting the composable methodology include the following:

  • Empowers organizations to choose solutions individually to maximize efficiency and minimize cost
  • Freedom to individually select each segment of your solution 
  • Embrace the opportunity to choose solutions that deliver business value to fit within your unique roadmap 
  • Gaining agility and speed
  • Extending to new channels, devices, and customers easily
  • Integrating efficiently and effectively
  • Ability to focus more on the user experience in a flexible environment

Sitecore Composable DXP

Sitecore DXP is a unified and integrated platform, whose products act as stand-alone solutions or can easily be integrated with other vendors without the need to upgrade. It revolves around 3 core pillars – content, experience, and commerce, allowing the technology to work in harmony within a continuous customer journey. Sitecore’s composable DXP offers 10 different capabilities across 3 pillars

  • Content Cloud
    • XM Cloud: cloud-native enterprise SaaS CMS
    • Search: AI-driven intelligent search
    • Content Hub DAM: a digital asset management solution
    • Content Hub Operations:
    • Content Hub One: headless CMS
  • Engagement Cloud
    • CDP: connect and activate customer data
    • Personalize: experimentation and personalization platform
    • Send: email marketing and AI-driven automation
  • Commerce Cloud
    • Discover: AI-powered personalized search
    • OrderCloud: headless commerce platform

If you have any questions about composable architecture or implementing a DXP,  please don’t hesitate to reach out for a no-cost, no-commitment consultation.