TaxJar Plugin for Sitecore Experience Commerce 9

Sitecore Commerce's strength is in the flexibility to infinitely customize and extend it to meet customer needs.

At XCentium, we lead the way in creating such extensions and customizations.

We have created an TaxJar plugin for version 9.1 of Sitecore Experience Commerce.

The plugin can be found on GitHub at: 

You can use the plugin to integrate TaxJar as a means of calculating tax on your site.

It is created to be easy to integrate or extend to meet your needs.

If will fetch tax rates from TaxJar based on the tax code you assign in the catalog to the product you have in your cart.


Easy to install
Easy to extend to meet your needs.
You can add Tax code on the product or category level in Biz tools.
You can set Exemption Code on a customer level for customers that are tax exempt.

The plugin is very easy to install.

To install it, you:

Clone the Github branch from the link above, 

Add the code to your Sitecore Commerce Project,

In the TaxJar plugin, there is a Policy folder, copy the .json file in that folder to Sitecore Commerce Engine's "\wwwroot\data\environment" folder.

Open the newly copied .son file and replace all occurencies of "XXXX" with the appropriate value to empty quote.

Then follow all the instructions on the Github landing page for the project.

When done, deploy your code.

Go into Sitecore, under the content editor, click on the commerce tab and then update data templates. 

Once done, the field for setting Tax code on each product will be available on each product in the catalog.

A form field for setting excemption code will appear on each customer profile as well.

You may proceed and set tax code for each product or on the category level, or set tax exemption code for customers exempted from tax.

Sitecore Commerce will use the value you set or a default value of 31000 as tax code for each transaction.

Feel free to reach out to XCentium if you have any questions or need help adapting the plugin to your needs or developing a plugin to meet your needs.

Jeff Chung, XCentium

Vice President, Client Services​

Jeff Chung