SXC Bizfx - SellableItem Parent Categories View

Out of the Box BizFx displays CategoryToSellableItem association in Category View. And you'd need to paginate through the unsorted Grid to find your sellableItem in the list and disassociate it. This can be complicated with large categories.

This plugin extends SellableItem EntityView in Bizfx with ParentCategories ChildView. This childview would list all parent categories and allows to disassociate it from the SellableItem View.

How to install:

  • 1-Copy the plugin to your Sitecore Commerce Engine Solution and add it as a project.
  • 2-Add it as a dependency to your Sitecore.Commerce.Engine project.
  • 3-Find 'Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.EntityVersions.EntityVersionsActionsPolicy' in 'PlugIn.Versioning.PolicySet-1.0.0.json' and add 'DisassociateItemFromCategory' to 'AllowedActions'.
  • 4-Re-Bootstrap


How to use:

Login to BizFx (Business Tools) and open any SellableItem. You should see a Parent Categories child view with a disassociate button.


You can find this plugin here.

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