Sitecore OrderCloud: Tiered Pricing

Price Schedules in Sitecore

Sitecore OrderCloud provides an easy way to set-up tiered pricing for your products. Before we get into the details, let’s understand what Price schedules in Sitecore OrderCloud are. A Price Schedule is the one that holds the product price information. Even though your product is associated to a catalog and a default user, you cannot purchase that product without associating it to a Price Schedule. Price schedules can be set up at the Buyer level or at an even more granular level such as the User Group level. In this blog post, I will show you how we have configured tiered pricing for a product in Sitecore OrderCloud using Price Schedules.

Configuring Tiered Pricing

Step 1: Create a product

Step 2: Create a price schedule

Step 3: While creating the price schedule, you have the option to set up price breaks which accepts Quantity and Price values

Step 4: To support Tiered pricing, create multiple price breaks as follows

  • Quantity = 1, Price = 24
  • Quantity = 2, Price = 23
  • Quantity = 3, Price = 22
  • Quantity = 4, Price = 21
  • Quantity = 5, Price = 20


Step 5: Save the Price Schedule

Step 6: Associate the price schedule to the product by using product assignments

When we render this product on our storefront, Tiered pricing logic automatically kicks in as follows:

When I add one product to the cart, my price per unit is $24.


Now, when I update the quantity to 2, then the price per unit gets set to $23.


Similarly, the price per unit decreases every time we increase the quantity depending on the price breaks we have set up. Once we get to quantity 5 or higher, the price gets set to $20 per unit.

This is a native functionality of Sitecore OrderCloud. There are more use cases on how we can use Price Schedules to handle business requirements which I will cover in my next blog post.


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