Sitecore OrderCloud

Platform Overview

Sitecore OrderCloud is an API-first headless commerce platform built for B2B, B2C, and B2X. It powers custom eCommerce experiences, order management, and B2B marketplace applications. OrderCloud provides a reliable platform for large, complex, and highly distributed businesses that go beyond a simple shopping cart.

Sitecore OrderCloud Solutions

OrderCloud offers flexible and customizable solutions no matter the business type.

B2X Commerce

Whether you’re selling B2C, B2B, B2B2X, OrderCloud supports you to connect products, services, and information to your infinite different buyer types. OrderCloud gives businesses the flexibility to scale and expand their business models and adapt to a fast-paced market.


Managing operations between buyers and sellers can be complicated. Whether you need to connect a network of suppliers to a new market of buyers, streamline store operations, or manage multi-location retailers, Sitecore provides customizable marketplace solutions to support your unique business needs. Some of those features include workflow automation, order and transaction management capabilities, and eProcurement among others.

Order Management

Sitecore OrderCloud simplifies the complex, high-volume ordering and offers a customizable management solution. Businesses can manage multiple brands, sites, stores, warehouses, and more, all while automating and streamlining complex orders.

Sitecore OrderCloud Architecture

API-first platform

API-first platforms create ecosystems that are modular, reusable, and extensible, making it easy to integrate with back-end systems and 3rd party microservices. By using OrderCloud, your eCommerce data and infrastructure is available in the cloud as building blocks.

Headless Architecture

With headless architecture, businesses have limitless freedom to customize their ordering experience without any performance risk. Businesses also have the ability to scale and evolve to new channels, devices, applications, and more.

World-class security

Compliant with GDPR and CCPA and facilitates PCI compliance for its platform and all solutions.

Cloud-native infrastructure

Benefit from a high-performance solution and automatic scalability.

Microservices and best-of-breed

With microservices being on the rise, OrderCloud performs nicely with other similar architected services.


Personalized Shopping

Personalization is at the forefront of technology evolution. In order to support various marketplaces, OrderCloud offers a good deal of versatility in managing products, pricing, and catalog taxonomy.


  • Segmented, multi-supplier catalogs

  • Faceted keyword search

  • Buyer and buyer group product visibility

  • Promotion configuration

  • Product variants and specifications

  • Customized price rules

  • Price breaks based on the ordered quantity

OrderCloud Forward

OrderCloud Forward is an XCentium innovation, allowing businesses to get to market fast within 4-6 weeks with a full-featured storefront solution. This quick start provides the full capabilities of Sitecore OrderCloud’s order management solution for businesses that have complex, high-volume ordering. You can also level up with our Managed Storefront package that includes Hosting, DevOps, and Managed services.


  • Responsive and skinnable

  • Customizable and extensible

  • Support for guest checkout and log in

  • Ready to use promotions and content components

  • WCAG compatibility

  • Catalog and pricing import

  • Braintree payment provider

  • Avalara taxing


Sitecore is constantly innovating its products and services to deliver the ultimate digital experience clients can ask for. The latest acquisition of Four51, now OrderCloud, offers  a headless B2X Commerce platform, that delivers diverse experiences at scale with an end-to-end structure. 

Being Sitecore Partner of the Year 2021, XCentium provides services and capabilities around best-in-industry technology to suit your business needs and deliver unique experiences. No matter your business model - B2C, B2B, or B2B2C, we make sure our clients don’t miss opportunities or hold back their growth by leveraging agile, scalable, and enterprise-level digital platforms.

If you have any questions about OrderCloud and its implementation, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a no-cost, no-commitment consultation, and a member of our team will contact you shortly.