Sitecore Node Name Replacer

Recently, I had a request from a client to replace all of the %20s in their site’s URLs with hyphens. “No problem” I thought, “it should just be a quick change in the web.config” (<replace mode="on" find=" " replaceWith="-"/>). The problem, however, was their solution contained thousands of nodes with a hyphen in the name and thuse rendering those links broken. My first thought was to download and install the Sitecore powershell utility which would allow  me to find all the nodes containing “-“ and change them. Unfortunately, I kept getting the error message “Item is not in editing mode” – or in other words, “you cannot edit the node name with powershell.” Luckily a colleague of mine had written a utility that can help with this – after a few minor tweaks, I was able to find and replace offending node names running this tool. This is not finely polished and is meant to be used by sitecore developers. To use, Include these files within your solution's Sitecore Module directory. Here is the aspx and cs all rar'ed up and ready to go: NodeNameChanger