Sitecore Experience Commerce 10 - Free Gift Promotion

Sitecore released Sitecore Experience Commerce 10 a few days ago. This version introduces many new features and improvements Support for Containers, Dynamic Bundles, Promotions Priority, Content Hub to XC Connector, Generic Search as well as some performance improvements. For this Blog Post i would like to focus on one of these new features that I find really interesting: The Free Gift Promotion..

I have been working with a Non-Profit organization for the last 18 months, and in many scenarios Free-Gifts are involved. For example, some products can be offered as Gifts in exchange of Donations or other products purchase. You can also see Free-Gifts offered when the Cart total amount is superior to a certain threshold.

Most of these scenarios required extending and customizing Sitecore Commerce.

Many Merchandisers and Marketers will be glad to see this feature offered OOB with SXC 10.

Let's now see how this feature is built in Sitecore Commerce:

A new Free Gift promotion benefit has been added to the list of Benefits in Business Tools.

The merchandiser will be able to select any qualification or condition that entitles the user to benefit from the Free Gift(s).

The merchandiser will have to select from 2 modes: Automatic or Manual.

In Automatic mode, the gift(s) will be automatically added to the cart whenever the user is qualified.

In Manual mode, the user will be prompted to claim the gift(s) he's entitled to. With this mode, the merchandiser can specify the maximum quantity of Gifts the user can claim.

Let's now configure a Free Gift Promotion in Business Tools (BizFx) and see the results in the Storefront.

BizFx Configuration:

In The example below, I am configuring a Free Gift Promotion that will be unlocked whenever an amount >= 1500$ is added to the Cart.

The free gifts won't be added manually and have to be claimed by the user.

The user is entitled to 2 Gifts from the 3 configured.


Storefront Results:

As a result of this configuration, as you can see below, when I add a product with a price >= 1500$, I can see a Free-Gifts Components that shows in both the PDP and the Shopping Cart Pages.

As configured, I can claim up to 2 gifts from the 3 options presneted to me. I can also see the original price of the Gifts i am claiming for free.


As mentioned above, you can also choose to have the Gifts added to the cart automatically. In that case the new Component will simply not be displayed at all.

I hope you will enjoy this feature and all the improvements released with this new version.

For an overall summary of what's new with this version I invite you to read this great Blog Post by my colleague Kautilya Prasad: