Sitecore + Docker = this is the way

Sitecore + Docker Developer Environment - Part 1

Docker is the coolest new tool to use for running Sitecore. In my case, I work on a lot of different projects, and each one requires a new instance or version of Sitecore to run. I like to keep things pretty isolated, so I typically use a virtual machine for each development instance I setup per client. This works great for isolation, but definitely has some disadvantages that have me questioning that approach. Specifically, I have been fighting with VPNs and proxying those to the VM, and I don't like having to commit half of my machine resources to running another machine just for the benefit of having things isolated. Enter the huge push towards Docker, and the massive collaborative effort from the Sitecore community (now Sitecore) to make things work. Read on for details on my experience in getting Sitecore 9.3 running via Docker; be prepared for tons of shout-outs to those who helped me along the way!