Sitecore Azure and Database Permissions

I recently setup a Sitecore Azure 7.5 environment and deployment. However I came across one aspect of my deployment I found odd…..

In this architecture, the client decided that to host the content management environment with an external provider and utilize Azure as content delivery environments.

So I applied the aspects of the hardening guide to the content management environment. When it came time to setup the Azure instance, I received an error regarding that the permission was denied to the database during deployment.

In following section 4.4 of the Sitecore installation guide for Sitecore version 7.5, I did the following:

8.  In the Database role membership for field, select the following check boxes:

     For the Master and the Web databases:

         - db_datareader

         - db_datawriter

         - public

The Core database had the same roles plus other aspnet_* roles.

Well providing db_owner rights seemed to get me through the initial setup process with no issues. I reverted the changes now that the environment was setup and am not having any other issues.

I haven’t been able to figure out if this was some weird occurrence or a consistent bug. Curious to see if anyone else has come across the same annoying little issue.