Sitecore Acquires Reflektion

An AI-Powered Digital Search Platform

Combining Sitecore and Reflektion allows brands to engage, educate, and empower shoppers to make purchase decisions faster and with more confidence, improving customer lifetime value and loyalty. Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing are quickly taking the experience management market by storm, particularly around digital commerce. With Sitecore's impressive $1.2B growth plan, it's no surprise they are making strategic moves in the space. By combining Sitecore, a leader in the digital experience platform market, with Reflektion, an AI-powered search solution, Sitecore has rounded out and improved their already impressive content and commerce solution offerings. This compelling new integration will undoubtedly accelerate Sitecore's steady climb up and to the right as a leader in the Gartner quadrants while offering users powerful new tools to increase revenue and improve brand loyalty.

Why Reflektion?

Customers frequently become paralyzed by choice, and eCommerce only exacerbates this well-understood problem. Interestingly, most online shopping experiences begin with search, creating a valuable opportunity to reduce confusion and complexity by using search data to understand and leverage buyer intent. Reflektion achieves this goal with exciting features that enhance the buyer's digital experience and improve essential eCommerce metrics for brands.

Reflektion Preview Search offers personalized product recommendations in real-time while buyers engage with the feature. Reflektion Full Page Search delivers individualized product results and intuitive, customized facets and filters based on visitor preferences, product attributes, and more. In combination, these experience improvements accelerate the customer path to purchase, increase average order value and customer lifetime value. 

Reflektion leverages AI to power a digital search solution that predicts customer intent and converts more shoppers into buyers at scale. Other features and benefits include:

  • AI-driven, individualized search experiences at scale

  • Easy-to-manage merchandising rules and scheduling

  • Search split testing with both A/B and multivariate options

  • Search-specific analytics

  • Elevated conversion ratios

"With Reflektion, a brand can add various types of search including personalized search, preview search, conversational search, and voice search. This reduces customers' effort and anxiety finding exactly what they need – with more convenience and speed – and increases customer satisfaction with more conversions and revenue. Acquiring Reflektion reinforces Sitecore's position as the leader in digital experience technologies that meets customers at the moment with more relevant, intuitive, and human experiences." said Steve Tzikakis, CEO, Sitecore.  

On the technical front, Reflektion is cloud-native, API-first, and modular. These features allow faster innovation, less upfront investment, and shorter time to market, making it a suitable candidate for agile product management and continuous delivery models in DevOps.

Delivering on the Sitecore promise 

Reflektion elevates and improves search experiences, providing more personal, accessible, and tailored answers for the customer. Reflektion features will be available across all aspects of the Sitecore digital experience platform. This latest acquisition continues to iteratively improve on Sitecore's promise of a seamless and cohesive, personalized customer experience. We think it makes a lot of sense for new and existing Sitecore customers to explore how it can improve the experience they deliver.

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