Sitecore 10 Certification Guide

Preparing for Sitecore 10 Certification

March 23rd, 2022

I recently updated my Sitecore certification to Sitecore 10. A few of my colleagues have asked how this certification was different to those in the past. In this blog, I will cover what is in the exam and what I did to prepare. A quick background – I have been working with Sitecore for 10+ years and took the certification for Sitecore 9 last year as well.


For experienced developers.

·        About 80%-90% of questions are from the Developer’s Fundamentals 9.3 Collection

·        Developer’s Fundamentals 10.0 Collection covers the rest: ASP.NET core, Sitecore Serialization, containers

·        If you've been working with Sitecore for a while now, you can most likely skim through the majority of course material, but I found the practice quizzes to be extremely helpful

·        Difficulty of the questions are similar to the quizzes

·        Although I had working experience on Sitecore 10, I feel the e-learning covers the material adequately.


Take the e-learning course at For developers who are working with a Sitecore partner, the courses are free. Make sure you log in with your work email. There may be a price at the start, but once you check out, it is free.

1.      Developer’s Fundamentals 9.3 Collection

2.      Developer's Fundamentals 10 Collection

I found that the above covers the majority, if not, the entire exam. I did not find I have to do any supplemental studying.


From Sitecore 9

1.      Sitecore structure and platform

2.      Security and user management

3.      Item management

4.      Layout and placeholders

5.      Components, controls, and renderings

New in Sitecore 10

1.      ASP.NET Core

2.      Sitecore Content Serialization

3.      Containers


The online certification is proctored through Krypterion Webassessor. The exam is:

1.      Closed book

2.      50 questions

3.      Multiple choice

4.      Passing grade is 80%

You do not have to answer questions in order; You can flag them and come back later. I would recommend using this feature as to not get stuck on one single question and not having time to go through the rest. I heavily utilized this feature. If there were any questions that I had to think about for more than a few seconds, I skipped and flag for review. Having said that, I found there were plenty of time as I only used about 50 min of the allotted 100min.

Good luck with your certification!

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