Salesforce Education Cloud


Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that enables businesses to access all customer-related information at any given time, and across all channels. One of many industries that utilize Salesforce is the education sector.

Traditional education CRM systems have drawbacks including: 

  • Teachers spending too much time on non-academic needs. 

  • Ineffective communication between schools and parents. 

  • Organizational bureaucracy hindering data accessibility.  

  • Schools and higher eds are finding it hard to retain students due to the wide variety of options parents & students can choose from.  

  • Students expect ease of communication from educational institutions as they are constantly exposed to digital communication.  

Salesforce Education Cloud 

Salesforce Education Cloud helps bridge the gaps within the education sector through Education Data Architecture (EDA). Salesforce utilizes this customized architecture to achieve both learner and institution success.  

EDA helps configure Salesforce for higher education, enabling solution sets for Recruitment and Admissions, Student Experience, Advancement, and Institutional Operations. To customize Salesforce Education Cloud, a K-12 architecture is developed on EDA, giving access to various functionalities, pre-built objects, page layouts, dashboards, and customizable reports, that weren’t previously available in traditional systems.  

Adopting Salesforce Education Cloud has many benefits, some of which are: 

  • Transforming the Student Journey 

  • Easier Recruiting and Admissions 

  • Enriched Student Experience 

  • Institution Advancement 

Transforming the Student Journey 

EDA builds a 360-degree view of student information, ranging from family relationships, advisors, club affiliations, behavioral actions, test scores, details of attendance, and much more. Having this information easily accessible allows the admin to tackle any arising issues immediately without any delay.  

Easier Recruiting and Admissions 

Marketing Cloud’s Social Studio within Salesforce delivers targeted communication, allowing the institution to engage with students anytime across different channels, thus generating more admissions. Another tool from Salesforce is Pardot, which helps recruiters build data-driven campaigns targeting best-fit applicants with automated scoring and grading. This boosts recruiter productivity and yield. An additional tool is Community Cloud, which creates a community enabling prospective students to connect with student ambassadors, update and submit their job applications, and receive real-time chat support.  

Enriched Student Experience 

Salesforce Student services empower students by providing them with tools needed to maximize engagement, streamline services, receive advice on career and course choices, and access careers. Students are also able to get answers to their queries, schedule their appointments, and change meal plans within one platform either on the website or mobile. By integrating Education Cloud, admins can access student information easily, and create cases for arising issues.  

Institution Advancement 

Education Cloud tracks students’ progress from time of enrollment up until they reach the alumni stage. Various institutions benefit from funds received from alumni, but the challenge is staying in touch with students after they graduate. In addition, Marketing Cloud helps access student and alumni data, making it easier to communicate with alumni across channels.  


The educational system follows a traditional setup with siloed work that creates roadblocks to accessing relevant data. This results in a long, tiring, and inefficient process for students, teachers, and administration. Salesforce Education Cloud provides solutions that can revamp the traditional information storage setup and create long-term relationships with students.  

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