Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B Accelerator

At the forefront of technological advancement, XCentium is a relentless innovator and game changer. We have developed dozens of applications and solutions that redefine industry standards and solidify our position as innovative partners.

This brings us to our latest innovation, Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B Accelerator(SFCC B2B Accelerator). If you have an existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution and are looking to expand your market and sell to B2B customers, you can now extend and support your current platform with B2B features.

Where’s the catch? Well, there is none! Since it extends the SFCC Reference Architecture, there’s effortless support, upgrade, and maintenance, so overall you’d be reducing implementation costs.

This blog will dive into the features and possibilities of SFCC B2B Accelerator.


Custom Assortment

1. Exclusive Products

While using the same master and storefront catalogs for all different types of customers on our same site. We need to provide all customer types with a shopping experience that suits their needs. That includes having specific products available only for B2C customers and on the other hand unique products available only for B2B customers (e.g. Sample Products, or Products in large quantities), while at the same time having products for all types of customers.

2. Hide Variation Attributes

There could be a scenario where some product variations could be available for a certain customer type, but some variations of the same product would not be for sale for the same customer type.

Utilizing the SFCC B2B Accelerator, you have the flexibility to personalize the content visible to buyers and adjust your product assortment according to customer groups (B2B versus B2C) while maintaining a unified catalog structure. This level of exclusivity extends to the cart, PLP, PDP, and search functionalities.


Custom Pricing

1. Exclusive Pricing

It is possible that some products would be available for all customers (B2C and B2B). but the same product could have different prices for different types of customers. In that case, we might need to provide discounted prices for our B2B customers and even more special discounts on the same products for our B2B Premium customers. The solution is having different PriceBooks for every different type (Guest, B2C, B2B, B2B Premium, …) of customers on our site.

Within the SFCC B2B Accelerator, distinct PriceBooks are facilitated for various customer groups (B2C versus B2B), with this functionality extending to the cart, PLP, PDP, search, and more.


Basket Upload

This is a special feature implemented to provide ease to the B2B customers to add multiple products to their Basket at once. The B2B customer just needs to prepare a CSV file with Product IDs (SKUs) and Quantities against them, which they can upload to the Storefront to create a new or update their current Basket.

With this feature, you can effortlessly submit bulk orders, enabling customers in the B2B sector to efficiently populate their basket by adding multiple products at once through a .CSV file. This streamlined process empowers them to create or update their basket seamlessly in a single action.


Custom Basket Validation

The purpose behind this feature is when a guest customer adds some products to the Cart that were only available for B2C customers, but the customer logs into the Storefront as a B2B customer.

With this feature we’re able to Validate the Basket based on the logged-in customer and remove any restricted products or redirect the customer to the Cart page, and show a message with details.


You can explore some of the features in action with our short demo. Our Salesforce team offers end-to-end implementation, migration support, custom integrations, and maintenance.

If you’re interested to know more, we’d be happy to connect you with our Salesforce experts.