Reasons to Work with a Sitecore Platinum Partner

Platinum Partners have earned Sitecore's trust

Sitecore Platinum Partners have the expertise and knowledge to deliver transformative, professional services in the strategy, implementation, and support of your Sitecore Technology. Sitecore Platinum Partners are trusted, carefully vetted, proven specialists in touch with the latest technology and training. They possess skills that would be nearly impossible for an organization to recruit in-house, making them crucial to getting the most out of your Sitecore license. Working with a Sitecore Partner ensures that you unlock the full potential of your content, commerce, or digital experience platform. XCentium, named Sitecore Partner of the Year 2021 Americas, is known for delivering highly technical solutions and innovations along with expertise of the entire Sitecore suite of products. In the past decade, XCentium has delivered over 500 Sitecore projects to our customers and won many awards, including over 70 Sitecore MVP awards. “Sitecore Partners aren’t just part of our success – they’re central to it.”  – Owen Taraniuk, Sitecore Global SVP

Reasons to work with a Sitecore Platinum Partner 

1. Sitecore MVPs  

Sitecore MVPs are members of the international Sitecore community who have demonstrated mastery of the Sitecore platform and a commitment to sharing knowledge and technical expertise with community partners, customers, and prospects.  MVPs get access to early product releases and privileged resources, including direct access to product teams.     

“MVPs are a small but mighty group and an essential part of the Sitecore global community, representing our entire ecosystem including partners, customers, developers, marketing professionals, and business executives,” said Dave O’ Flanagan, Sitecore’s chief product officer. “The knowledge and experience shared by Sitecore MVPs create a long-lasting foundation upon which our worldwide community stays connected and solves even the most difficult problems.” 

2. Deep Technical Expertise   

Sitecore solution partners have access to the information, relationships, and support needed to drive client success, and Sitecore Platinum Partners work together with Sitecore to develop principles for successful implementation. Partners undergo extensive training and earn specialization badges after successfully completing thorough assessments.  Platinum partners have delivered award-winning solutions and have dedicated, scalable practices with proven customer satisfaction.  

Sitecore ensures that every partner is the ideal fit for their program in terms of technology, customer relationship, training, certifications, and tracking of successful projects.  This means you don’t risk working with a partner whose implementation may compromise solutions. Clients working with Sitecore Platinum Partners know their solution will be done right and will stay compatible with routine upgrades.  

3. Sitecore Thought Leaders   

Sitecore is committed to being both a thought leader and a technical expert in the marketplace, and they expect the same commitment from their Platinum Partners. Many of these firms have multiple MVPs who are at the forefront of developing new technology and blogging about it on social media.    

Sitecore Platinum Partners have proven experience and a deep understanding of complex implementations.  To achieve Platinum Partner status, a Sitecore Partner must consistently deliver outstanding results, client after client, month after month, and year after year. These firms must also have delivered complex enterprise projects that integrate with many third-party integrations and ERP systems. Whatever the situation, chances are that a Platinum Partner has experienced it before.  We have solved more problems and tackled more obstacles than other providers and shared our learnings to the overall community through blogs, webinars, conferences, and in-person events.   

4. Get to Market Faster   

Platinum partners have the skill and expertise to leverage Sitecore’s unique combination of content management, commerce, and customer insights. With skilled implementation of the Sitecore digital experience platform, you get the results your business needs along with access to unique expertise that allows you to develop a long-term CX vision faster.    

Our long-lasting and trusted relationships with Sitecore gives Platinum Partners preferential access to pricing and customer service. In addition, Platinum partners are required to be knowledgeable of a wider range of products to obtain certification.  This positions us as the best consultants on composable pieces and implementation options that are right for you.     

"At XCentium, we view being awarded a Sitecore Platinum Partnership as both an honor and a responsibility as we recognize the trust bestowed on us by Sitecore with this partnership," says Amrit Raj, Managing Partner of XCentium. "We blend our values of integrity and approachability with the passion for being the digital leader among Sitecore Platinum Partners. The XCentium team brings experience, innovation, and passion for Sitecore technology to each client we interact with as we truly believe in aligning ourselves with the long-term success of our clients."   

This year XCentium is celebrating a decade of partnership with Sitecore, and we were named Sitecore Partner of the Year in North America. XCentium has delivered more than 500 Sitecore solutions for clients and created dozens of innovative applications featured in the Sitecore Marketplace. 9 XCentium team members were recognized in the Sitecore Most Valuable Professionals Program, including an Ambassador MVP, a Strategy MVP, and six Technology MVPs. Among their four Sitecore Experience Awards, XCentium was honored to win an Ultimate Sitecore Experience Award in North America for their work on Dine Brands Global.   

If you’re looking for a Sitecore implementation partner, reach out to us for a no-cost, no-commitment consultation.