Quick Tip before installing Sitecore Experience Accelerator

Sitecore recently introduced Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA), which helps development teams to speed up the production of websites and to reuse components, layouts and templates across a variety of sites. I wanted to give a quick tip about the prerequisites in this article for a successful installation of SXA.

SXA can be downloaded as a Sitecore Package [here]( "Sitecore Experience Accelerator 1.0").

Before you proceed with the installation, Sitecore recommends us to make sure you have the following installed:

  • Sitecore Experience Platform 8.2 rev. 160729 (8.2 Initial release)
  • Sitecore PowerShell extensions (full 4.0 for Sitecore 8) from [here]( "SITECORE POWERSHELL EXTENSIONS").

I went ahead and installed Sitecore PowerShell extensions version 4.0 as recommended. Once the installation is completed, I got an exception and I was no longer able to log into Sitecore.

System.BadImageFormatException: Bad IL format.


I was unable to identify the root cause of the issue and reported to the module-spe slack team. Thanks to Michael West (@MichaelWest101), one of the contributors of the module who mentioned that we need to use Full 4.1 release for Sitecore 8 as they had to make changes to .NET version.

Using Sitecore Instance Manager, I reinstalled Sitecore 8.2 and was able to successfully install Sitecore Experience Accelerator. Documentation on SXA can be found [here]( "Introducing Sitecore Experience Accelerator").