Part Number Manager


XCentium is happy to release the Part Number Manager, a custom module for the Optimizely Configured Commerce platform. This module will allow customers to view, create, modify, and delete their own Customer Part Numbers directly to their Spire website. We are also introducing the option to manage part numbers at both the Bill-To and Ship-To levels. The module is lightweight and easy to install.

Effortless Part Number Creation

The Part Number Manager simplifies the part number creation and editing process, enabling your customers to input and search by their own product identifiers on your website. This data is stored directly on the website, eliminating the need for another integration with your ERP.

However, the option of course exists to sync the customer part numbers created on the website to an external data source. The intuitive user interface guides users through a step-by-step validated process, ensuring accurate and consistent part number creation. Part Numbers can be modified directly on any Product Detail Page, through a custom widget, or through the comprehensive part number table. We also have included the ability to bulk upload part numbers through a CSV.



Comprehensive Part Number Viewing

The Part Number Manager provides customers with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface to view their part numbers. With the ability to search, sort, and filter based on various criteria, customers gain instant access to the information they need. This functionality ensures that your customers can easily manage all their part numbers through your site without external support.


Benefits and Impact

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By enabling customers to create, edit, view, and delete part numbers independently, the program significantly reduces reliance on your support team.
  • Improved Search: Customers can maintain up-to-date information about their inventory, leading to a better search experience.
  • Cost Savings: With reduced reliance on external assistance and storing the data on the website, your team can completely automate the management of Customer Part Numbers.

The Part Number Manager is a lightweight install that can fit into any Configured Commerce solution that uses Spire as a front end. By providing a user-friendly and robust platform for creating, editing, viewing, and deleting part numbers, our program empowers your customers to take control of their own search experience.