Navigating the Shift: From Classic to Spire CMS

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, compelling businesses to adapt their web content management systems to stay ahead. One such pivotal transition is the migration from Classic to Spire CMS. This move is not just about upgrading software; it's about embracing a platform that offers enhanced flexibility, efficiency, and scalability.

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of Spire over Classic and provide a roadmap for a smooth migration process, inspired by the thorough guidance offered by Optimizely.

Understanding the Need for Migration

The shift from Classic to Spire CMS is driven by the need for a more modern, flexible, and scalable web content management system. Spire offers a container-based architecture, which significantly enhances site performance, security, and development agility. This transition is crucial for businesses looking to streamline their digital operations and leverage the latest in web technology.

The need for migration is underscored by Optimizely's decision to discontinue support for Classic CMS for B2B Commerce customers in January of 2025. This transition highlights the importance for businesses to upgrade to Spire CMS to benefit from continued support, innovative features, and enhanced performance capabilities. It reflects Optimizely's dedication to advancing technology solutions and the need for users to adapt to sustain and improve their digital commerce presence. For more details, please refer to Optimizely's official release notes.

Key Benefits of Spire CMS

Modern Infrastructure

Spire operates on a container-based infrastructure, which offers unparalleled scalability and resilience. This modern architecture ensures that your web applications can handle varying loads with ease, providing a consistently fast and reliable user experience.

Enhanced Performance and Security

With Spire, performance and security go hand in hand. The platform is designed to optimize web content delivery while safeguarding against modern security threats. This means faster load times and a secure environment for your digital assets.

Accelerated Development and Deployment

Spire CMS introduces a more streamlined development process, with reusable components and a comprehensive style guide that accelerates design and deployment. This agility allows businesses to quickly adapt their web presence in response to market demands or internal changes.

Design Flexibility and Responsiveness

The platform supports responsive design out of the box, ensuring that your website looks great and functions flawlessly across all devices. This responsiveness is key to providing an optimal user experience and improving search engine rankings.

Migration Roadmap

Planning and Assessment

Begin with a thorough assessment of your current Classic CMS setup. Identify the content, customizations, and functionalities that need to be migrated to Spire.

Utilizing Migration Tools

Optimizely offers a Classic to Spire CMS conversion tool that simplifies the migration process. This tool helps in transferring content and configurations, ensuring a smooth transition between platforms.

Testing and Optimization

After migration, thorough testing is essential to ensure that all aspects of the site are functioning as expected. This phase is also an opportunity to optimize content and performance on the Spire platform.

Training and Support

Equipping your team with the knowledge to efficiently use Spire CMS is crucial. Utilize Optimizely's resources and training modules to get up to speed with the new platform's features and capabilities.

Go-Live and Continuous Improvement

Once testing is complete and the site is fully optimized, it's time to go live. However, migration is not the end. Continuously monitor, update, and improve your site to leverage the full potential of Spire CMS.


Migrating from Classic to Spire CMS is a strategic move that can significantly enhance your digital presence. By leveraging Spire's modern infrastructure, enhanced performance, and development agility, businesses can create compelling, responsive websites that meet the demands of today's digital landscape. With careful planning, the right tools, and a focus on training and optimization, your migration to Spire CMS can be a smooth journey towards a more dynamic and scalable web presence.

This transition, while complex, is made easier with Optimizely's comprehensive guides and tools designed to assist businesses at every step of the migration process. For those seeking personalized guidance, XCentium's Optimizely team is well-equipped to navigate users through the intricacies of migrating to Spire CMS, leveraging their expertise to streamline the process.

Embracing Spire CMS with XCentium's support opens up new possibilities for innovation, efficiency, and growth in the digital realm, ensuring a smooth transition and maximized platform benefits. Reach out to us today to learn more about how Xcentium can help guide you through the transition from Classic to Spire CMS and breathe new life into your B2B Commerce site.