Multiple Sites Manager-Permission to the requested document was denied - T20

When we create a new website using Multiple Sites Manager module in Sitecore, you will come across an issue when you try to access http://[your new site host name]/sitecore page. The specific message "Permission to the requested document was denied" will be displayed. This post will explain you the details about fixing that issue.


In order to fix this issue, open the MultiSitesManager.config file provided as part of the Multiple Sites Manager package located under App_Config/Include folder. 

  1. Remove database="SqlServer" from
<sitecore database="SqlServer">
  1. Replace 

          Sitecore.Sites.ConfigSiteProviderHack, MultiSitesManager


          Sitecore.Sites.ConfigSiteProviderHack, MultiSitesManager

This issue was experienced on Sitecore 8.1 Update-3. The sitecore login page comes up fine after making these changes.

As always, please test these changes on your development environment before applying it on Production.