Moosend The Latest Acquisition by Sitecore

An Overview of Moosend

Moosend is a marketing automation and campaign management platform. With its AI-powered customer engagement tools, intelligent marketing automation workflows, zero coding requirements, and integrated analytics, Moosend sets itself apart with all the benefits of an integrated email marketing solution. It’s a platform that is used by various businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Sitecore / Moosend Integration 

Sitecore’s latest addition redefines the SaaS-based digital experience platform. They already lead the way when it comes to delivering an exceptional digital experience on the web. With the integration of Moosend, Sitecore can offer a tightly integrated and flexible, user-friendly email marketing tool that is optimized for conversion. 

Sitecore products cultivate customer relationships and transform them into personalized experiences across various channels. With Moosend’s acquisition, Sitecore gives marketers an all-inclusive solution that delivers enhanced campaigns no matter their customers’ buying journey.   

Moosend capitalizes on data in sophisticated ways that enrich customer relationships, and provide a consistent experience everywhere, leaving the consent of data sharing as an afterthought.  

How Moosend Delivers Exceptional Customer Experiences  

Sitecore gains a competitive advantage with Moosend by being the first fully integrated, end-to-end SaaS-based digital experience platform that transforms content to commerce. Moosend is a cloud-native, API-first, microservices-based platform that expands Sitecore’s ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences throughout their journey.  

Moosend’s platform capabilities include: 

  • Email marketing with personalization and list segmentation 

  • Marketing Automation workflows 

  • Templated emails, landing pages, and forms 

  • Campaign reporting & analytics 

  • API-first integration framework  

Email marketing with personalization and list segmentation 

Campaign creation requires no coding knowledge, with the ability to segment and break down audiences based on behaviors and personalized experiences.  

Marketing Automation Workflows 

Moosend includes ready-made and tested workflows and gives marketers the option to create their own. In addition to scalable automation workflows, making the marketing process easier and optimized. 

Templated emails, landing pages, and forms 

Responsive and modern templates designed and optimized for conversion while being easy to create, customize, and deploy.  

Campaign reporting and analytics 

Effective strategies are those with maximized engagement. With Moosend’s comprehensive, precise, and fast data analytics, you can track and optimize your campaigns.  

API-first integration framework 

Ensuring an optimized user experience, maximum flexibility, and an accelerated speed to market for ongoing innovations.  


Sitecore is constantly innovating its products and services to deliver the ultimate digital experience clients can ask for. The latest acquisition of Moosend, provides a marketer-friendly marketing automation solution, offering Sitecore’s existing clients or Sitecore partners a faster, simpler, and innovative campaign execution, and measurement with reduced upfront investment.  

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