Microsoft gives us another reason to be thankful Crossplatform and Open Source NET

If you were like me and too busy to attend Microsoft’s recent virtual Visual Studio Connect() event Nov 12th and 13th, then you might have missed the biggest announcements in both .NET and Microsoft’s Developer Tools history. During the keynote Scott Guthrie announced that the .NET Core Framework is currently being ported to both Linux and MAC and is already in the process of being released as full Open Source under the MIT license! You know with Scott Guthrie’s influence Microsoft is going to keep making ground breaking announcements. it is truly the most exciting time to be a .NET developer. You can read his follow up blog post for even greater details here:

I know for me, it is very exciting. As a .NET developer and former Microsoft employee I have been a long time advocate for making .NET cross-platform and open source. I was a Microsoft employee at the time Oracle closed the deal to buy Sun (Java) back on January 27, 2010. I did my best to communicate my opinions that this would have been the perfect opportunity to make such a move. Right while everyone was concerned with the future of Java.

I am just truly thankful that it is finally happening! It feels so much like a dream come true. As a professional Microsoft developer, I have been envious of Java’s cross-platform capabilities for some time. Heck, even to the extent of learning Java, for that just in case need – that hasn’t ever happened professionally.