How many times have you heard this today, ‘The world is changing really fast?’  We all know it’s changing fast and it still feels hard for us to wrap our head around so much change.  That’s why I think choosing the right CMS and getting personalization right is kind of like my own life.

Why It's Hard to Change CMS by XCentium

I’m too old to change (my CMS):

As 47 is approaching way too fast, I reflect on the fact that sometimes I may be too old to change.  One example of this would be for me to learn how to text with all the younger kids today.  I must admit that I hardly know any of the 2 and 3-letter acronyms they use today (or my co-workers on Skype). I remember using only the ‘real 4-letter words.’  Why learn it?  It’s not what we used back the day. 

But it’s a good example of how stubborn we can be and we don’t even know it.  Learning a new ‘texting’ language seems so beneath me.  Why would I need to know that? 

In reflection, out of my own pride, I lost some of the opportunity to connect with the younger generation. For some reason, I still feel okay with that.  Why is that?  Why is something so simple so hard for me to change?

Is this why it’s so hard for some of us to get website personalization right?  I wonder what’s holding a lot of us back from changing our marketing language to learn how to connect with our customers on a personal level (moving away from a mass marketing approach).  We all know our customers demand website personalization, but there’s still something missing. That strong sense of urgency to change.   I wonder why that is?

To move away from much of the marketing that we all learned in college is tough.  I feel that myself.  But if our job as marketers is really to connect our brands with our customers, we should look both at website personalization and the way we communicate with ourselves as well.  

It’s too hard to change (my CMS):

Yeah, I’m trying the low carb thing again.  I’ve had it.  But this time will be different.  This time I won’t think about carbs.  Okay, starting right after this sentence.  

We all get it: eat healthy and exercise…. then you’ll lose weight.  But for some reason I’m trying this diet thing again?  Why is that?  Why can’t I just eat healthy and exercise every day.  Change and doing the right things sometimes seem so out of reach.  It’s just so dog gone easy to stay comfortable. 

Maybe this is why it’s so difficult to consider a new CMS?  You may know that you really need to update your CMS, but it just seems so far out of reach.  It’s easier to just put it off until your competitors force you to change.   It’s like eating right and exercising. We know we need to but it’s just that we don’t.

It’s too Hard to ‘trust’ again (my CMS)

We’ve all been let down before and it hurts, sometimes really bad.  How many times in our lives have we said, ‘never again.’  This is true especially as we get older. 

When looking for a CMS partner that you can really depend on, I mean really depend on, it feels like it takes so much faith these days.  I just think it’s the world we live in today.  It seems like trust is at an all-time low.   I think we all take these hurts and betrayals with us when looking for a trustworthy CMS partner.   Companies change, get bought out or they just stop updating their older systems – so how do we know that we won’t get burnt this time?

When picking a partner, who can I really count on?  What should I look for this time?

Change seems to be our new ‘code word’ for everything these days.  But are we changing fast enough to keep up with our customers, our competitors and even artificial intelligence?  To answer this question in our careers, we must first look at ourselves and how we are personally changing to keep up. 

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