Leveraging Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud to create personalized buying experiences

Episerver powers leading digital B2B Commerce solutions

At the heart of most successful B2B commerce solutions are a few common goals: create meaningful customer experiences, develop digital workflows that promote efficiency, offer better buying experiences that drive higher conversions and, ultimately, drive revenue. Many B2B ecommerce platforms say they can do this and more, but few deliver like Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud, formerly Insite Software.

Episerver was recognized as a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms™. Their ability to deliver seamless customer-centric digital experiences across content and commerce, which drive results for our mutual customers, is the reason our XCentium team is a committed and dedicated Episerver partner.

For our B2B customers, Episerver has a great offering that gives clients the ability to have secure, scalable, personalized product content and B2B ecommerce all in one platform. Additionally, Epi’s AI capabilities drive data insights previously unavailable to B2B organizations. While there are numerous benefits to selecting Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud for your B2B ecommerce solution, I’d like to highlight a few capabilities that differentiate Episerver for our B2B commerce clients:

Best in Class Cart and Checkout Experience 
B2B ecommerce transactions are notoriously complex, which is usually one of the first objections companies have to implementing a digital ecommerce solution. However, Episerver’s industry leading cart and checkout experience ensures even the most complex orders become simple and easy for your buyers to complete. 

The number one key to driving loyalty among B2B buyers is making it easy and efficient for them to do their job. Episerver’s cart and checkout experience will have your buyers wanting to return to your site time and time again. Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud utilizes a powerful rules engine and integration architecture to provide dynamic cart and checkout experiences featuring guest user, order management, list management, payment, fulfillment and quote capabilities. It has everything your buyers need and more.

Create Dynamic Product Content with Catalog Management
Marketers will enjoy the features of EPI’s Catalog Management. Not only can you give your customers the ability to easily find what they need to find on your website, marketers can also seamlessly highlight product categories and brands, while personalizing your catalog for your customers. Additionally, teams can harness the B2B features of the EPI B2B Commerce Cloud platform to integrate multiple back-office systems to speed up, automate and reduce errors in catalog management and business processes.

Personalizing Your Buyer’s Experience
Delivering compelling experiences with data driven personalization capabilities is why Episerver is hailed by Gartner as a Leader in Digital Experience Platforms. Whether your goal is to target end consumers, existing customers, new prospects, different personas or a mix of them all, Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud skillfully manages the complexities associated with personalization in B2B ecommerce. With Episerver, your marketing team will be able deliver personalized buying experiences by segment, location or device, helping satisfaction thrive among customers new and old.

Improve Processes with Workflows
Because the B2B buying journey is inherently complex with considerations for multiple layers of people, products and channels, it’s important to have digital user flows for how your customers shop, as well as internal workflows that enable you to manage quote requests, orders and deliveries with ease and efficiency. Create separate workflows for researchers, buyers, approvers and more to ensure they select the correct product, secure the right delivery place and are able to seamlessly manage their orders and deliveries simultaneously. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Order Management
Offering around the clock online customer self-service, increasing satisfaction and driving loyalty, while reducing cost-to-serve are crucial components of today’s B2B successful business model. Providing digital order history, invoices, easy reorders, shipping tracking and multiple payment options that are intuitive, integrated and easy to use will give you the competitive edge in attracting and retaining customers. Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud makes it efficient for your team to stay on top of order management logic by making it simple to configure options for fulfillment, shipping, payments, taxes, returns and more.

Get One Comprehensive Solution with Data Integration
Most B2B companies get their product data and customer data from various sources. Wherever you are gathering your data from, Episerver makes it simple to get all the information you desire through data feed connectors and data enrichment partners. XCentium’s technical chops further assist in getting the bits and the bytes to work together, providing one single comprehensive custom solution that works in harmony to provide the utmost in actionable data insights.

Content and Commerce Connected with Episerver’s B2B CMS
Now B2B organizations have content and commerce in one platform that specializes in helping you offer the best B2B purchasing experiences. You can now create and manage web content for your B2B ecommerce site with an all-in-one web content management system. Need to manage multiple sites? No problem. Episerver’s B2B content management software is designed to manage many sites from a single instance, making it easy for your marketing team to centralize, create and distribute content to engage your audience.

Search – The Art of Being Found
Many companies spend a lot of attention and effort on defining user experience, product content, aligning digital assets and configuring data flows. However, one of the most understated elements in website design is search. Episerver’s B2B Commerce Cloud search engine speeds up interactions and creates an overall better search experience for your customers. Even better? XCentium has five search gurus who will work with your team to ensure your customers get the right search results each and every time.

Cloud Services Provides Peace of Mind Around the Clock
One of the greatest benefits with a SaaS solution, over on prem infrastructure, is having a team of experts provide around the clock support and maintenance of your solution, giving you peace of mind knowing your solution is secure. Episerver's cloud offering delivers elastic scalability, super high speed, robust security, and managed services with expert support. Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, this highly secure solution enables customer self-service 24/7. 


While I mentioned multiple highlights, it’s worth noting that there are many other capabilities of the Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud. We would love to chat with you about how the Epi platform can solve your B2B needs now and into the future as you grow. Drop me a line at if you have questions about your situation and how we can best help you. If you have questions about XCentium’s B2B Commerce chops or our full-service capabilities, I am happy to answer those too.