Is your commerce website secure

The impact to a company after a security breach is major and impacts everyone. Security breaches have frequently caused executives of a company to resign after the disclosure due to loss of trust from the board. The CEO’s for Target and Equifax both lost confidence board and was removed from the company after a data breach. Security breaches have caused public companies own stock to drop 35% in a single day due to security breaches and on average cost about 7.5 million dollars.

The majority of the security breach would have been stopped if the companies used industry best practice approach with reliable, cost-effective and quick fixes.  An example of a quick and fast fix is changing the password from the default password. Most products have a default password to get access to your infrastructure. You need to change this to a nonstandard password. Hackers understand this is a common security weakness and several IT departments refuse or forget to change the password. Hackers have scripts already created to search for a website that has the default password. If the website is using the default password the hacker will take over and fully control the server. Using the default password is the equivalent of not locking your front door.

To understand if you have a secure website and to stop a search breach you need to security audit from a 3rd party with experience securing the company infrastructure. The security audit highlight areas to fix and improve the companies infrastructure and software.A security audit is quickly becoming standard practice with today’s hostile internet.  The public internet is a currently a hostile threat for corporations with a presence online.

After the security audit is complete and the IT infrastructure is secured, your company board and IT management will feel secure. You company will not have to have a multimillion dollar unplanned expense due to a security breach. Your customers will trust your company is secure and will know that that their data is secure in your system.