Insite Plus Sitecore Connector Oct 2016 Release

The Insite Plus Sitecore 2.1 (IPS 2.1) product implements the Sitecore Commerce Connect framework for Insite Commerce. Specifically it implements Commerce Connect 8.1 for Sitecore XP 8.1 and Insite Commerce 4.2.x. Please refer to for Sitecore Commerce compatibility table. 

IPS 2.1 allows Sitecore developers a way to interact with Insite Commerce Server using Insite REST APIs.  All calls are made through Commerce Connect pipeline processors, so that Sitecore xDB functionality (goals, reports, engagement plans) are kept aware of, and can respond to, commerce functionality. 

We released a new update version of the IPS 2.1 early October. Following are the new features in this release:

1. Sync new fields from Insite to Sitecore (ex. Shipping Info, IsActive, Custom Properties). Following Fields are now synched from Insite into Sitecore


2. Get Shipping Info as fields in Sitecore Product Template

3. Get IsActive, IsDiscontinued, Vendor and Manufactuer info in Sitecore

4. Support for Custom Properties in Cart, CartLine, Order, User, Address, Customer models (only camelCased properties are updated in Insite). When a custom property is added to a product in Insite, it will be synched to sitecore. For Cart, Customer, User and Order, if you add a camel Cased property to sitecore cart and save, the property will be saved in Insite.


5. Artifacts sync has been optimized. We created a new custom api to get the product medium images url from Insite. This will significantly improve the synchronization performance.

6. All levels of categories from Insite will be synched to Sitecore. We created custom Insite end point to retrieve the full hierarchy of categories in Insite. Traditionally, the max depth of categories structure that can be retrieved via rest apis from Insite is 3.

7. Add to cart and Load Cart results have been modified to suit the sitecore end user. More information is now available in the response from Sitecore load cart request. Add to Cart method now returns a bool instead of the cart.