How to Use Machine Learning to Improve your Digital Marketing

The Future with Machine Learning

As industries evolve at a rapid pace, improved algorithms and processes are moving at an even faster pace paving the way for rapid technology implementation. Machine learning (ML) has transformed the marketing sector like never before, either to get ahead of competition, adopt personalization, or deliver instant customer support. ML feeds off of data; the more available and accessible the data is, the better the solutions and experiences. Similar to machine learning, a marketer’s fuel is data. By using ML, businesses can improve their marketing and get instant understanding to data, patterns, and make predictions accordingly.

Using ML to improve your digital marketing 

Having better insights allows marketers to optimize their workflows, improve their website’s UX, automate customer engagement, and deliver 1:1 personalization. Leverage the power of ML to improve your digital marketing in various ways.

  1. Better Personalization 

Personalization requires marketers to understand their audience in order to meet their needs, to do so, they utilize the power of data and analytics. Because today’s shopping experience doesn’t begin and end on one channel, data collected should reflect 360-degree views of a customer. 

With machine learning, brands can better manage the customer journey across various digital channels and maximize customer engagement. ML helps shoppers find the best product, offers recommendations and organizes content based on categories. 

By taking into account purchase history, viewing habits, cart items, and other factors, machine learning allows you to deliver the most personalized experience with relevant offers and recommendations.  

  1. Faster Customer Service 

A brand's customer service can make or break it. It acts as the heart of an organization by characterizing your business, brand image, and values. The better it is, the higher the chance of turning a customer into a repeat one. 

79% of customers prefer live chat for quick answers. With machine learning, customer service chatbots can leverage data and information related to the customer, to offer instant support and assistance. ML chatbots will learn your website’s content to constantly improve itself and the provided answers. 

  1. Smart & Quality Content 

Content is a key resource that is often overlooked. Nowadays, content marketers are working hand in hand with digital strategists to produce compelling, and personalized content to their customers, in order to drive conversions.  

Machine learning improves your brand’s content marketing strategy by recommending relevant keywords or topics and comparing them against Google’s top-ranked results. Moreso, by offering suitable subject lines or push notifications that drive ROI. ML allows marketers to publish relevant and engaging content, 

  1. Easier Marketing Automation 

Over 79% of brands switched to marketing automation tools because of the 10% revenue growth expectation. Tools built on machine learning can learn from trends, suggest actions, and provide accurate analytics that helps marketers develop actionable strategies.  

Instead of decreasing your marketing team’s efficiency by manually following up with customers, and figuring out the right message for the right person, automation takes your growth strategy to the next level in an optimized fashion. 

  1. Improved Customer Experience 

Delivering a high-end customer experience is a marketer’s main objective, if not the entire organization. With the rise in competition and decrease in brand loyalty, consumers look for experiences that offer value and treat them as individuals.  

By integrating machine learning in marketing strategies and tools, brands have the opportunity to better understand their customers, whether by interests, preferences, or intent. With that, brands can improve the customer experience by delivering relevant content without wasting time.   

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