How SMB Companies Are Thriving In An ECommerce Age

Harnessing the Power of SaaS Solutions to Compete With Larger Competitors

ECommerce has made it possible for SMBs to compete with their larger, well-established counterparts in meaningful ways. SaaS-based eCcommerce enables those with fewer resources to gain critical market insights and achieve operational efficiencies previously beyond their reach. Search-optimized ECommerce software enables them to be affordable and rapidly build large customer bases. ECommerce software’s ability to automate a range of processes allows SMBs to scale, lowering costs, increasing margins, and accelerating business growth.

In my previous B2B series blog, we have seen that how SaaS ECommerce is a good, cost-effective and speedy solution for B2B businesses. Let's review some business scenarios and gauge how ECommerce features help to compete with big competitors. 

Seven Key factors that help SMBs to gain results and compete with big companies:

Connectivity with clients by personalized services

SMBs have the natural advantage of being closer to their customer. With SMB vendors, the customer expects a personal touch in day to day business. They also look for personalized offerings from businesses.  

ECommerce offers features like customer specific pricing, customer based promotions, customer specific catalogs, recently viewed products, and product lists. ECommerce also brings user persona views with catalog personalization, customer dashboard with access to order history, order status, reorder, returns, payment details, shipping details and many more. 

Lightning-fast delivery

It’s a known factor that business in SMBs can turn on a dime. That’s an advantage of SMBs over big companies. SMBs turns things very quickly with great agility. ECommerce software helps improve agility in many ways, including: 
⦁ Quick access to the category-product based catalog, which helps customers to reach their product quickly 
⦁ Internal site search help to search required product based on some known attributes like product ID or short description etc.
⦁ Product video, 3D view, user manual help to get a quick understanding of a given product
⦁ Quick checkout flow with online payment, shipping, and tracking
⦁ Generate online quote and connect online with an assigned Sales representative 

Differentiate your offerings

One of the important tricks for SMBs to compete with big companies is to present unique offerings to the customer. ECommerce software helps to create offers, deals, based on market analysis. The pricing updates, promotion flyers are easily managed by the CMS feature of ECommerce.  

Be seen everywhere 

SMBs need good presence in the market. ECommerce helps SMBs to improve their visibility in the digital world. ECommerce offers features like Search Engine Optimization, marketing email, Country-specific sites, Brand specific site and more.

Offer a value upsell

The more upsell opportunities you share with customers, the more chances to generate sales and increase order value. ECommerce helps by offering upsell opportunities on different stages like the product page, cart page, and check out. 

Mobile Presence

Mobile technology gives small businesses an “ear to the ground,” enabling them to make customer service and sales more responsive and efficient. ECommerce applications are mobile-compatible applications and allow users to do business activities through mobile device access also. 


ECommerce software comes with many ways of data integration which helps SMBs to keep their business data in sync without changing their legacy software. Data integration with business systems brings a huge win for SMBs to generate more valued customers by providing an extensive and precise range of offering to customers. 

eCommerce has made it easier for SMBs to compete with big companies for consumer attention. Additionally, SaaS-based e-commerce options have further simplified as well as personalized the business process for both SMBs and their target consumers. These SaaS-based options include several highlights which appeal to SMBs as well as make them more equipped to meet the desires of their customers. As a result, the ability for SMBs to lower production costs and scale become more feasible business goals. 

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