Sitecore Embarks on Digital Transformation

How Digital Transformation Charged Through

The past year has been a challenge to most businesses, requiring them to rethink technologies, processes, and teams. For many, it accelerated plans for digital transformation and innovation became survival, let alone growth.

By 2022, 80% of revenue growth will be connected to digital offerings and operations.1  

Years-long digital transformation roadmaps became obsolete as the new normal was pivoting quickly to real-time customized digital engagement. The digital transformation framework depended on a solid technical architecture, with improved processes, and organizational willingness to embrace change.  

But digital transformation isn’t all about technology. A whopping 97% of stakeholders believe that lack of alignment within teams impacts the outcome of a technology project.2 As a result, a new partnership unfolded, focused on delivering value to customers.  

A new digital partnership: Marketing and IT 

A strong digital foundation is built on speed, flexibility, personalization, and efficiency in delivering a unique digital experience. Successful digital transformation allows organizations to deliver the right messages and experiences to the right customers in real-time. Gathering data and analytics is crucial in understanding customers. 

84% of customers say being treated like a person, not a number, is important to winning their business.3 Audience expectations are evolving because of technology. It’s all about being agile and collaborative in creating innovative ideas, serving customers with experiences across various devices and channels throughout the customer journey.  

For organizations to succeed, they must develop and implement the strategies, technologies, tools, and processes that nourish collaboration between Marketing and IT. As studies show, organizations that have aligned their marketing and IT would grow revenue 2x faster.4 

Sitecore’s Experience Platform™ (XP), allows teams to be more efficient, and drive collaboration between Marketing and IT; resulting in unique experiences that drove successful engagements. 

How Sitecore recognized Digital Transformation 

Today, Sitecore leads the way because, as an organization, they understood the value of human connections, which are fundamental in delivering a digital experience. This understanding is represented through their innovative products, providing a unified platform that brings together content, personalization, commerce, and customer data.   

Sitecore embraced digital transformation by shifting from a content management system to a fully integrated digital experience platform with features including: 

  • Personalized experiences at scale 

  • 360-degree view of your customers 

  • Data-driven customer experience 

  • Omnichannel delivery 

  • Content Management

  • Marketing Automation

Personalized experiences at scale 

With Sitecore AI, businesses can automatically identify visitor trends, delivering a 1:1 personalization experience that can be scaled. 

360-degree view of your customers 

Sitecore XP captures and controls real-time customer data and interactions, giving you the right tools to tailor experiences to meet customer wants and needs. 

Omnichannel delivery 

Sitecore XP’s headless CMS delivers experiences at any customer touchpoint. 

Content Management 

Sitecore Content Hub unified content planning, production, collaboration, and management within a single, integrated solution. 

Marketing Automation 

Automate moments in the customer journey and scale manual marketing tasks. 

Take on Digital Transformation with Sitecore XP.  

Having a powerful CMS is the beginning of your digital transformation, combined with Sitecore Experience Platform, your organization will deliver an unmatched real-time and personalized customer experience. 

If you have questions about digital transformation or upgrading your technology and processes, then we would love to connect. Contact us for a no-cost, no-commitment consultation, and a member of our Sitecore & Digital Strategy team will contact you shortly.   

If you’re interested to learn more about how organizations successfully prepare, plan, and devote resources to take on effective digital transformation, check our latest webinar: Planning to Win at Digital Transformation.


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3 “State of the Connected Customer", Salesforce Research, 2nd Edition 

4  McKinsey & Company, “The most perfect union: Unlocking the next wave of growth by unifying creativity and analytics.”