How Digital Transformation can help Direct Sales Organizations

Are you meeting and exceeding customer expectations?

In times of uncertainty, a future-proof platform plays an important role. With 80% of today’s shoppers demanding online experiences that feel “relevant”, the trouble is operational platforms often fall far short of meeting this need. Being blocked by technological dependency can make it difficult to achieve your sales, but XCentium can elevate your digital experience by providing the necessary tools, technological flexibility, and strategic roadmaps based on your needs.

Dive into the future of headless commerce

As you look to promote the maximum number of distributors for your products and exponentially increase the sales force, break through commerce noise, and break free from complicated and inflexible legacy platforms. Embracing a composable commerce platform that scales with you and is built for businesses with complex, high-volume ordering is crucial. It will

  • Allow you to get to market faster
  • Boost online revenue
  • Engage more customers
  • Offer flexible fulfillment
  • Be easily scalable and customizable
  • Enable optimized and friction-free purchasing
  • Provide streamlined order management and marketplace processes
  • Support omnichannel management capabilities

Excelling with no global boundaries

Direct Sales companies who have embraced digital transformation are successfully empowering their independent consultants/associates and presenting personalized experiences for both independent consultants and retail customers.

Direct Sales companies can delight buyers, build loyalty, and scale their business by adding an experience layer on top of operations. Meaning, you don't just process orders, you can optimize and personalize the entire customer journey from the moment they land on your site all the way to post-purchase emails.

  • A successful digital transformation initiative should provide your organization with:
  • Measurable gains in revenue growth
  • Consultant and customer growth and brand loyalty and retention
  • Increased in customer lifetime value
  • Speed to market with decreased IT dependency
  • Scalability, flexibility, and friction-free capabilities
  • Increased collaboration between you and your consultants
  • Capabilities to excite and delight your consultants and customers

Ensuring the right tools and roadmap

XCentium has created numerous digital solutions that are global, robust, easy to manage and adopt, and customizable to suit the unique needs of the Direct Sales business model.

Our goal is to help your consultants conduct business more easily, stay in touch with their customers, and easily promote your products. We have created personalization strategies that drive customer engagement while also enabling your consultants to drive cross and up-selling opportunities.

Our solutions for Melaleuca, Isagenix, Nerium, Plexus, and AdvoCare feature:

  • Multi-site, multi-currency, and multi-lingual solutions
  • Global tax and regulatory compliance
  • Advanced bundling configurations
  • Personalized consultant and customer log-in experiences
  • Improved Search Results and SEO

By selecting the right technology and digital partner, you can dramatically improve communication, management, sales support, and data collection, while bringing something new and exciting to the market. The key to success is being strategically aligned with your goals, independent consultants, and consumers.

If you have any questions about digital strategy or ways to leverage your data, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a no-cost, no-commitment consultation and a member of our team will contact you shortly.