How DAM and Content Hub Can Improve Your Digital Strategy

Content – A Marketing Strategy in Disguise

Content is a key resource that is often overlooked. Recently, content marketers are working hand in hand with digital strategists to produce compelling, and personalized content to their customers, to drive conversions. Over 95% of global marketing leaders prioritize publishing personalized content faster and more cost effectively.*

Customers expect unique, and unforgettable moments at every touchpoint. 96% of the most successful content marketers say that content marketing has helped them build credibility and trust with their audience.** The main purpose of content marketing is to attract customers, and build meaningful relationships throughout the customer journey, no matter the channel.  

Having various content sources such as social pages, blogs, website etc. can seem excessive, especially when divided across departments and teams. This is where DAM comes in, to help deliver volume, speed, and quality of your content. Digital Asset Management (DAM) simplifies storage, management, distribution, and control of digital assets, all in one place.  

Utilizing DAM brings you one step closer to a successful digital strategy.  

Sitecore Content Hub and DAM 

Content Hub is one of Sitecore’s solutions that focuses on customer experience. It is a unified and integrated platform that helps marketing teams plan, produce, control, and manage their content easily. The unified SaaS platform integrates Digital Asset Management (DAM), Marketing Resource Management (MRM), Content Marketing Platform (CMP), Product Content Management (PCM), and Web to Print (W2P). 

Your company can benefit from a well-maintained DAM, resulting in improved efficiencies, reduced costs, and faster time to market. These results will be achieved by centralizing marketing content in one organized and collaborative environment that can be easily shared and integrated with other systems. In addition to avoiding duplicated efforts, and reduced file search time. DAM would not be possible without the flexibility, and larger integrated solution of Content Hub.  

Poor customer experience results from slow time to market capacities, caused by siloed and disconnected processes in content creation. With Content Hub and DAM, the process and distribution of content is facilitated. As a result, organizations witness an overall improvement in content lifecycle, as well as the creation of a personalized customer experience.  

Content is no longer focused on specific channels, but instead on delivering valuable, omnichannel messages. Content Hub allows content marketers to easily modify content across various formats, enabling the entire organization to view, collaborate, and approve within one integrated solution.  

How Content Hub Drives Digital Transformation  

Sitecore embraced digital transformation by shifting from a content management system to a fully integrated digital experience platform. Their innovative products deliver a unified platform that brings together content, personalization, commerce, and customer data.    

XCentium, being a Sitecore Platinum Partner and Content Hub Specialized Partner, helps clients take control of their content and develop a streamlined plan to distribute content across all their downstream channels using the power of Content Hub.  

Recently, we built a global, scalable Content Hub solution for Globus family of brands. In phase 1 we were able to provide an enterprise solution by transforming their legacy systems to Content Hub & Sitecore XP. By updating their technology and improving their processes Globus is transforming the way they manage content around the world. Their centralized digital assets are now accessible throughout their brands, enabling their Product, Marketing, and IT departments to manage content in a new and more effective way. Furthermore, enabling content authors to quickly create content across all regions and languages, delivering one cohesive story across the entire customer journey. 

To know more about our journey with Globus, click here


CMS is intended to push content in a simple and easy way, yet not all content management systems operate the same way. Sitecore Content Hub has all the components within one integrated platform enabling marketers and an organization to manage the content lifecycle, and integrate with other solutions.   

Having an automated solution that manages digital assets allows marketing teams to work more efficiently and focus more on revenue-generating activities.  

Get the most from your digital assets, and plan for a successful digital strategy that paves the way to digital transformation.  

If you’re interested to learn more about how organizations successfully prepare, plan, and devote resources to take on effective digital transformation, check our latest webinar: Planning to Win at Digital Transformation.

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