How B2B eCommerce Software Can Simplify Your Business

B2B eCommerce software helps to simplify managing an online store which is otherwise a complex and multifaceted operation. In this new era, companies are upgrading their products and services to be tech-inclined, businesses are looking for an online store consists of many intricate components and processes, which B2B eCommerce software streamlines through an easy to use interface that even non-tech persons can operate. Here six ways B2B eCommerce software can help simplify your business:

Availability and Accessibility of Services

With an eCommerce site working round-the-clock, clients have the luxury of sending their orders no matter what time it is, or what time zone they belong to. Commerce software supports multiple languages, multiple currencies, customer specific pricing, and international shipping. By offering an eCommerce portal online, your company can reach clients from different cities, states, and countries.

Manage Customers and Orders

Managing a customer’s order from product selection, to payment, through checkout and delivery is vital. Every order is a sales transaction, which impacts your bottom line; hence it must be done efficiently and conveniently for the customer. On its own, or with some other third-party app or service, it can process payments, keep transaction records, manage customer information, create billing and invoicing, undertake accurate accounting, provide analytics and reporting, among other functions.

Manage Products and Inventory

B2B eCommerce software offers product specifics from SKUs and variations (size, color, quantity), to names and images, enabling you to organize and catalog items. The software also sends you notification so that you are made aware if inventory is low. Lastly, the software easily handles pricing updates.

Simplify Marketing

Built in SEO and easy optimization features help online stores to rank higher in organic search engines for increased online presence as well as lower customer acquisition costs.

Automate Payment Shipping and Taxes

Printing shipping labels, calculating sales taxes based on customer location, making secure online payment and sending notification emails to customers can be done automatically and more accurately within the eCommerce portal software interface.

Enhance Customer Experience

B2B Commerce software is meant to enable customers to quickly and efficiently find what they need in your store. An ease of business comes from a personalized dashboard for customers, which consists of managing orders, check order status, account management, payment and shipping data management. The mobile compatibility feature of commerce software facilitates customer for quicker access anytime.

In summary, B2B eCommerce software is revolutionizing industries across the world. While transitioning to eCommerce software is a significant undertaking, software as a service subscription options is making it more affordable than ever for companies to begin their eCommerce journey. In the digital customer experience age, eCommerce software is truly helping companies deliver better customer service across many new touchpoints.

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