Getting Unstuck in Digital Marketing

Building Momentum

The most notable question marketing customers ask themselves is simply: where do I start? Our customers come to us with a variety of projects they want to accomplish and problems they need solved. They struggle with where to devote their resources, how, and even where to start, leaving them stuck at the starting line. With an ever-growing list of possible opportunities, so often the question is “what should I do first?” when it could be “how do I begin to build momentum?”

The XCentium Way

At XCentium we engage our clients in lengthy discovery and digital strategy sessions. We begin by documenting goals, business aspirations and evaluating the client’s mission statement. Then we examine the list of projects and problems and identify which has the biggest return on investment (ROI).

Most companies stop there. They begin to dedicate their resources and time to what is often the most costly and time-consuming project simply because the ROI is so inciting. However, projects of this scale lead to multi-tasking. Teams are forced to split their time three ways: managing daily operations, learning new skills required by the new project, and working on the new project.

Instead, at XCentium, we take the laundry list of paths forward and begin to evaluate the skills and resources clients are already equipped with. Then, using this information, we find an opportunity that can be accomplished with relative speed and minimal cost while still delivering a large impact.

Shifting your Focus

When focusing on short term projects with high impact you can minimize the risks of the project while also investing into building a culture of learning and investigating. Teams are afforded the opportunity to learn new skills. They can quickly learn what works and what doesn’t without completely derailing a higher-stakes project. It allows you to find the best processes for your specific team, project and needs, and develop clearer communication across the board with minimal pressure.

This also builds momentum and executive alignment for future projects. It’s much easier to convince stakeholders, CFOs and the like to dedicate more resources to a project once your teams have had several successes and can clearly showcase the previous projects’ return on investments.

When you can find opportunities like this you can actually create a more focused atmosphere. This focus allows your team to find perfection not only in the development process but also in the execution. Tune in to my latest podcast with my colleague Daulton Allison and learn more.