Extending Sitecore Content Hub Export Profile


Export profiles are the configuration settings, which define fields to be included in export operations. In my own experience, this was very useful in migration projects, for example, when we needed to additional fields and related entities to the output Excel files. superusers can extend and add export profiles as described in this documentation article.

Below is an example of an updated export profile, which adds a few additional fields and relations to the original export profile, just to give an idea on what proper syntax looks like. In this example, I’m adding a handful of fields in the properties node and adding relations and public entities too (those will show in a separate sheet in the results Excel file)

Example Extended Export Profile

  "properties": [
  "relations": {
    "FinalLifeCycleStatusToAsset": {
      "exportRelatedEntities": false
    "ContentRepositoryToAsset": {
      "exportRelatedEntities": false
    "LocalizationToAsset": {
      "exportRelatedEntities": false
    "MasterFile": {
      "exportRelatedEntities": true
  "includeSystemProperties": true,
  "publicLinks": {
    "asset": true,
    "masterfile": true
  "version": "1.1"