Experian Address Validation Connector for Sitecore Commerce Storefront

xperian/QAS Address validation is a fast and efficient REST API for capturing validated and formatted addresses across your Sitecore Experience Commerce (SXC) storefront. This helps minimizing bad address entries by the user that can result in issues during shipping and/or billing.

This connector integrates with Experian global intuitive API to provide real-time address validation and formatting. For more details about Experian Address Validation API:

After install this connector will enable address validation on these pages:

  • Add/Edit Address from Account Management.  
  • Add/Edit Address during Shipping.
  •  Add/Edit Address during Billing.

How to Install

Before you install this connector you need to get an Experian Access Token for Address Validation. You can get a free trial by contacting Experian here:

Install instructions can be found in the Github Repo.

Connector Settings:


How to Use

-Start typing an address in the 'Address' field.


-Select your address from the dropdwon list once it's visible.


-The address fields (City, Province, Postal Code...) are populated based on the selected address.


Access to Github Repo available upon Request at

This connector was implemented and tested using Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.3 and Experian Global Intuitive REST API v2.