Digital Transformation


It’s difficult to predict when COVID will no longer be the topic of the day, but it sure did speed up the process of moving into a digital world and transforming the way organizations work. Over the past 2 years, 70% of executives shared that digital transformation has become significantly more important to the success of their business.*

Digital transformation is all about redefining business processes to meet constantly evolving market requirements and elevating the customer experience. The core values and business model don’t change, but it’s more about how things get done. It should begin and end with the customer in mind and add value at every interaction. As customer needs and expectations evolve, foundational technology must be flexible, efficient, and agile. 

84% of executives agree that new business opportunities are emerging as their organization transforms around digital.* Digital transformation helps businesses align to open culture, open processes, and open technology, for the simple reason of having everything easily accessible at any organizational level.  

How Does Digital Transformation Take Place? 

Companies are trying to adopt digital transformation to remain competitive. It’s a continuous and innovative process with 3 interrelated features: 

  • Culture 

  • Process 

  • Technology 


63% rank cultural challenges as the biggest impediments to transformation efforts. * Cultural change starts from the very top and circulates downwards, keeping management and team members aligned. Everyone should be involved to understand the flow of information and data accessibility. Defining the organization’s vision, and the experience it wants to provide is the first step to get the ball rolling.  


Organizations need to gather resources and expertise with an inclusive, end-to-end mindset. It’s all about becoming agile and improving formal methodologies to meet customer needs. Work activities can no longer be siloed, instead, they would be connected throughout the organization, where efficiency and speed are key.  


72% of business leaders say that technology is extremely important to adapt quickly to customer needs. * Without the willingness to invest and upgrade an organization’s technology, digital transformation cannot take place. Improving an organization’s technology properly stores data and resources, allows for a seamless integration across various departments. As a result, delivering quality content and gaining better insights.  

XCentium believes in delivering exceptional solutions for our clients, which in turn fosters a unique customer experience for their clients. To do so, we make sure our technology partners include only the best-in-industry enterprise software providers. One example is Sitecore, to know more about how Sitecore embarked on digital transformation, click here.  

What Can Business Leaders Do? 

Business leaders need to foster a growth mindset, by keeping their teams aligned with company goals, values, and community. At any given level, teams should have the ability to adapt to changes without any disruptions. At the same time, empowering employees builds trust and transparency, leading to higher engagement and results.  

Keeping an open-door policy where collaborations can take place, and the invitation to apply something fosters transformation from the bottom-up. Eventually, it would become part of an organization as a natural way of working.  

A good digital transformation strategy doesn’t happen by accident – it’s the result of having cross-functional teams with a mandate for self-disruptive change, and a predefined process for success.  

If you’re interested to learn more about how organizations successfully prepare, plan, and devote resources to take on effective digital transformation, check our latest webinar: Planning to Win at Digital Transformation.

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*Harvard Business Review Analytic Services - Pulse Survey | Rethinking Digital Transformation