Delivering an integrated and personalized customer experience with Sitecore and Salesforce


By now, we all know that customers value personalized experiences. And in many cases, marketers, supported by incredibly sophisticated experience management platforms, are beginning to deliver personalized moments that matter, particularly for prospective buyers. However, as most also know by now, disconnected moments were never going to be enough. As more organizations set their sites on a seamless, omnichannel experience across the customer journey, they recognize the need for a digital strategy that integrates disparate platforms and aligns around the entire customer lifecycle.

Know Your Customers 

By combining insight about content, context, and customer data, organizations can build an authentic, omnichannel presence and incorporate personalization at every stage of the customer lifecycle. More than targeting consumers at different stages in their journey, this level of customer obsession requires understanding and predicting their needs and delivering unique, relevant content to them as individual human beings. Whether it's a proactive message about how to succeed with a product or a customer service call after a problem has arisen, customers today know the difference between an organization that understands them and those that are paying lip service to authentic relationships. 

The goal is not to simply be within reach at various touchpoints, but instead empowering users to switch without a break in personalization. Hence delivering omnichannel personalization with a consistent and continuous personalized experience across channels and touchpoints.   

To make the necessary level of integration easier, Sitecore and Salesforce joined forces by combining Digital Asset Management (DAM) with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) to deliver a seamless and integrated omnichannel solution. Now different teams benefit from a centralized system that stores, manages, and serves 1-to-1 personalization allowing for automated and scalable workflows across the organization.  

Content is the fuel for personalization, and it is crucial to be scalable, engaging, and efficient. Having it accessible across the organization, makes it easier to deliver the right content, at the right time, and across the right channel.   

Integrating Sitecore and Salesforce 

Sitecore and Salesforce constantly seek new ways to help marketers achieve more by integrating content, data, and audiences, all within one platform. The one place to store, search, edit, and personalize content within SFMC is Content Builder. Using Sitecore connectors to integrate with SFMC, marketers now can easily access all their content stored within Sitecore to edit and build custom and reusable content blocks all within one platform.  

The process of automating the content and campaign lifecycle comes together with this joint solution. Starting with Content Hub, marketers can plan, manage, and create relevant content all while collaborating across the organization within a unified platform. Sitecore Content Hub also allows them to curate modular content with metadata to support experiences and leverage personalized content across channels. Afterward, they can run all these omnichannel campaigns and personalized experiences within Salesforce Marketing Cloud to drive meaningful outcomes. Having powerful reporting systems within Sitecore and Salesforce, marketers can fully measure content effectiveness and optimize accordingly.  

Not to mention, organizations can allow access only to assets that adhere to brand or campaign guidelines and regions to enforce brand consistency and compliance with usage rights. Unifying brand-approved data has never been easier, giving organizations faster time to market and personalize at scale.  

Integration Benefits 

Benefits of integrating Marketing Cloud and Content Hub include: 

  1. Centralized Data 

Having one place to create and distribute data, content, and assets is vital for any organization.  

  1. Unified User Experience 

Providing a role-driven user interface with tailored capabilities to drive more efficient experiences.  

  1. Machine Learning 

Leveraging machine learning with customer behavior data to differentiate top-performing content to deliver better personalization.  

  1. Personalization at Scale 

Create content in volume at a greater capacity and across various channels.  


Content Hub’s centralized digital asset management solution helps organizations find what they need faster, and in a more efficient way. With Sitecore Connect for SFMC, marketers can easily pull the right assets and insert them where they are needed to personalize campaigns, maximize impact, and drive conversions.  

Your personalization strategy should be deeply integrated across the customer lifecycle. Content should be purposely targeted for different personas, throughout their entire journey.  

Successful personalization yields more engaged customers and improves customer lifetime value, providing a clear ROI. It also enables businesses to differentiate themselves and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Leverage our best-in-industry partners to personalize and deliver content, across the entire customer journey. 

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