Coveo for Sitecore Certification and Exam Tips

I recently became Coveo For Sitecore certified and would like to share my experience. Additionally, I would like to offer exam tips to others who are seeking to become certified themselves.

The learning path to become certified for Coveo For Sitecore is: 1. Coveo Fundamentals 2. Coveo For Sitecore Developers 3. Coveo For Sitecore Developers exam

Although there are in person courses, I completed my courses online via Coveo Academy self-paced training courses. These courses are virtual classes with video material broken down into various modules. Each course is catered to different demographics. Example includes Coveo Platform Administration for administrators, Coveo Platform Developer Essentials for developers, and of course Coveo for Sitecore Developers. Personally, I took the Coveo Platform Developer Essentials course as well as Coveo For Sitecore developers, but this is not required.

About the exam

  • 90 multiple choice questions
  • Some questions can have multiple answers
  • The time limit is 3 hours - this breaks down to 2 minutes per question
  • The passing mark is 70%
  • You can pause the exam once, but it is recommended to complete it in one sitting
  • Once you answer a question you cannot go back to review
  • Being an online exam, it is of course open book

Now on to the tips

  • The online courses can be reviewed multiple times. I recommend going through the course at least twice
  • Although the Coveo Platform Developer Essentials and Coveo Platform Administration courses are not necessary, I found taking those courses were helpful to gain additional insight
  • Have a working instance of Coveo for Sitecore so you can refer to it quickly
  • Go through the lab and be familiar enough to accomplish each step without referring to the instructions – this will save you a ton of time having to search
  • If you don’t recall an answer, be prepared to search. Unlike most site’s search, the one on Coveo’s site itself is (of course) great!
  • During the exam have the following open so you can quickly refer to it
    • Course slides
    • Coveo for Sitecore instance
    • Coveo online course videos
    • Coveo administration panel

Good luck!