Configuring Insite to use SOLR

  1. Make sure your machine has the Java Runtime installed ( at command prompt run java -version) 
  2. Download SOLR from and unzip contents to an install directory 
  3. Since this is a Windows installation, create a batch file in solr root dir that contains the following single line : bin/solr start -Dsolr.allow.unsafe.resourceloading=true
  4. Start the Insite console and set the ProductSearchProvider to read "SOLR". This is not a drop down choice. You literally type the string SOLR into the config setting. Also enter the Search_SolrSharedConfigPath value as shown below (assuming it matches your SOLR install directory) 
  5. Bring up the IIS Manager, find Application Pools and restart the AppPool for Insite
  6. Switch back to the Insite Console, navigate to Tools and select the Reindex button.  
  7. Depending on the SOLR setup and your project there is a strong possibility that you will receive an error message similar to the the one shown below . This is an indicator that SOLR needs schema information. Without a custom schema, SOLR wont understand the Insite elements needing to be indexed.  
  8. The easiest way to correct this error is to create a new SOLR core (ie. "InsiteSolrCore"),  download and extract the following zip archive to the SOLR bin directory  -  - when done, you want to see a folder called InsiteSolrCore (It contain a starting point for a schema that has worked with Insite 4.1x - you can make modifications but be sure to keep a backup.)  
  9. Execute the Insite / Tools / Reindex again . 
  10. Bring up the SOLR dashboard and verify that the InsiteSolrCore is visible