Competency 4 Content Creation and Management with CMP

Competency 4: Content Creation and Management with CMP

In today's digital landscape, content creation and management play a crucial role in the success of any organization's online presence. With the rise of Content Management Platforms (CMPs), businesses have access to powerful tools that streamline the process of creating, organizing, and managing content. One such CMP is Sitecore Content Hub, which empowers administrators to facilitate content creation through its robust features. Competency 4 focuses on the skills required to effectively utilize CMP, specifically Sitecore Content Hub, for content creation and management. A Sitecore Content Hub Administrator needs to showcase several key abilities. These include drafting and proposing new content using the CMP Editor, configuring CMP content types and state flows, organizing and planning content using content calendars and campaign functionalities, and managing CMP security permissions.

Manage Content

Using the Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP), you can manage campaigns as well as plan, author, collaborate, curate, localize, and distribute various types of content (such as blog posts, white papers, emails, social media posts, and recipes). Automatic version control tracks every version of content and every associated revision, but not the metadata. This makes it possible to adapt content and campaigns from one language to another and to use existing content for a different purpose.

Content moves through defined workflows from ideation to creation and then to publication, before finally being archived.

Content is organized around the following categories.

Competency 4a

1. Drafting and proposing new content using the CMP Editor:

The CMP Editor within Sitecore Content Hub provides a user-friendly interface for creating and editing content. As an administrator, you should be adept at using this tool to draft and propose new content. This involves understanding the various content elements, such as text, images, and videos, and how to arrange them effectively within the CMP Editor. You should also be able to collaborate with content creators and provide guidance on optimizing content for maximum impact.

2. Configuring CMP content types and state flows:

Content types are essential in defining the structure and metadata of different types of content within the CMP. As an administrator, you should be proficient in configuring content types to align with the organization's content strategy. This includes defining custom fields, establishing relationships between content items, and specifying validation rules to ensure data integrity.

Content Types

Sitecore CMP comes with content type templates to help you get started with content creation. Each template contains sections you can edit and build upon that are relevant to the specific content type.

The following table lists the content type templates available in Content Hub and the default elements each contains.

Competency 4b

Additionally, Sitecore Content Hub allows for the customization of state flows, which govern the lifecycle of content from creation to publication. You should be able to configure state flows to match the organization's editorial process, states, transitions, and permissions for content approval and publishing.

Competency 4c

3. Organizing and planning new content using content calendar and campaign functionalities:

Efficient content organization and planning are crucial for successful content management. Sitecore Content Hub offers functionalities such as content calendars and campaigns to facilitate this process. You should be able to leverage these tools to create content calendars, schedule content publication, and align content with marketing campaigns or other strategic initiatives. This requires a keen eye for detail, strong organizational skills, and the ability to coordinate efforts across different teams or departments.

Competency 4d

Competency 4e

4. Managing CMP security permissions:

Content security is a critical aspect of content management. As a Sitecore Content Hub Administrator, you must have a thorough understanding of the platform's security model and be able to configure security permissions effectively. This includes defining user roles and groups, granting appropriate access rights to different content repositories, and ensuring that sensitive or confidential content is adequately protected. By managing CMP security permissions, you contribute to maintaining data integrity and safeguarding the organization's content assets.


Content Creation & Management with CMP is a critical skillset for Sitecore Content Hub Administrators. By mastering the tools and features of CMP, configuring content types and state flows, organizing content, and managing security permissions, you can empower your organization to create and manage compelling content efficiently.

Remember to study the documentation provided by Sitecore carefully, as it will serve as a valuable resource for building your competency in CMP. By demonstrating your ability to draft and propose new content, configure content types, and state flows, organize and plan content using calendars and campaigns, and manage security permissions, you showcase your skills as a Sitecore Content Hub Administrator.

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