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XCentium Integrates Bitcoin Payment with Sitecore Experience Commerce | XCentium

XCentium, a full-service digital consultancy firm and a leader in the digital eCommerce industry, today announced they have integrated the Bitcoin payment gateway, Coingate, with Sitecore Experience Commerce™ 9, expanding payment options with cryptocurrency.

Realizing growing demand for payment by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, XCentium was excited to lead the way in integrating Coingate with Sitecore Experience Commerce 9. Together, Kautilya Prassad, Sitecore Commerce MVP and Senior Architect at XCentium, and Vasiliy Fomichev, Sitecore Commerce MVP and Technical Director at XCentium, have been spearheading this effort as part of XCentium’s relentless pursuit to lead the way in innovative eCommerce software implementation.

“Crytpos are getting popular, gathering immense attention from everywhere. Many large companies are accepting Bitcoins as a legitimate source of payment for faster settlement. By integrating cryptocurrency as a payment method in Sitecore Commerce, we demonstrated how easy it is to integrate latest technologies with the Sitecore Commerce plugin architecture,” shares Kautilya Prassad, Sitecore Commerce MVP and Senior Architect at XCentium. “The plugin that we created for cryptocurrency uses Coingate payment interface to accept bitcoin and can also accept altcoins. The world is getting ready for cryptocurrencies, join the club and stay ahead in the race.”

Cryptocurrencies are gaining in appeal, with Bitcoin being the most popular digital currency. Businesses have taken notice with a growing number of large companies already accepting this digital payment form, such as Microsoft, Expedia, PayPal and Subway. Cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming a worthwhile addition to every eCommerce venture. Businesses enjoy several benefits of Bitcoin, including high transactional security, protection from payment frauds, no consumer chargebacks, low fees, and fast international transfers. Both companies and customers alike appreciate the lack of governance over digital currencies since there are no hidden fees, procedures, screenings or terms of service. Lastly, Bitcoin holds eCommerce appeal as it is not tied to one country’s currency, giving companies all around the world access to a universal currency.

The challenge for companies who accept payment with Bitcoin, and other digital currencies, is the lack of customer data received. The advantage of integrating Bitcoin with Sitecore Experience Commerce is that it exposes the data to the API to be consumed by the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP). Using the advanced analytics of Sitecore XP, companies will still be able to track each customer’s journey by extending the xConnect pipelines. This Bitcoin plugin enables companies to have the best of both worlds – payment through universal digital currencies and harnessing individual customer data, providing every customer a seamless, and more personalized, shopping experience.

To see a live demonstration of the Coingate plugin in action with Vasiliy Fomichev and Srikanth Kondapally, Sitecore Commerce MVP and Solutions Architect, please join us for our “Connecting the Next Big Thing in eCommerce” webinar with Sitecore, March 8th at 12 pm ET / 11 am CT. Please click the link to register.

XCentium’s Coingate plugin for Sitecore Experience Commerce, along with all XCentium’s Commerce plugins, is officially released open source on GitHub for all developers to utilize. XCentium’s Development team encourages people to explore the plugins, build upon them, and submit improvements through GitHub. For more information, please visit For inquiries, please contact

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