Applications of Salesforce Einstein


Companies that utilize customer data in an efficient and centralized way have the edge over competition whose data is siloed and scattered. With appropriate analytics tools, analysts can deliver accurate and valuable results for both the organization and customers.

52% of executives said a well-developed and designed enterprise data analytics effort enables organizations to deliver a superior customer experience. 1  Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) with customer data can help the company change the way they interact with their customers spanning all industries.

By empowering business units such as Marketing, Service, IT, Admins, and Commerce with AI technology, business outcomes improve drastically across the entire organization to deliver a holistically satisfying customer experience.  

Salesforce offers a built-in intelligence tool that allows organizations to increase their productivity, empathize with their customers, and scale customer experiences.

Salesforce Einstein 

Salesforce Einstein is a smart CRM assistant that comes in two flavors:

  • Einstein out-of-the-box applications integrate Einstein with all Salesforce applications including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and more.

  • Einstein platform provides users with powerful tools, allowing businesses to gain customer insights, predict outcomes, recommend best actions to take and automate routine tasks to achieve a customer-focused approach.

So, what makes Salesforce Einstein better than other AI platforms? Since Einstein is integrated within Salesforce platforms, all stored data is easily accessible, readily available, and structured, allowing smoother and faster AI learning capabilities.

Almost 80% of stored data within Salesforce is unique to each client’s instance, with a large number of custom objects and targeted details. All this complexity normally creates additional work for data scientists. With Einstein, that is not the case, because it easily traverses customizations with automated machine learning (AutoML).

Platform Features 

Einstein platform offers various features allowing businesses to be more predictive about their customers. These features include:

  • Einstein Discovery

  • Einstein Prediction Builder

  • Einstein Next Best Action

  • Einstein Language

  • Einstein Bots

  • Einstein Vision

  • Einstein Voice

Einstein Discovery

Discovering relevant patterns has never been easier. Einstein discovery provides AI insights and recommendations within Salesforce and outside.

Einstein Prediction Builder

Businesses make predictions to lower risks and streamline strategies. Einstein allows businesses to predict outcomes and create custom AI models. Einstein can also make predictions on non-encrypted data available on the Platform. Having predicted outcomes allows businesses to know which customers are more likely to engage with and prevent attrition.

Einstein Next Best Action (NBA)

Having discovered relevant patterns and predictions, Einstein then defines and delivers recommendations, with actionable strategies and automated workflows. One excellent example of how Einstein NBA works is attracting customers who are most likely to attrit by offering them discounts or other exciting offers.

Einstein Language 

Through natural language processing (NLP) businesses can understand how customers feel and identify linguistic patterns with two factors: Sentiment and Intent.

  • Sentiment: used in applications that filter negative or positive words across social media to predict product interests, and help marketers plan their marketing strategy accordingly.

  • Intent: helps categorize text, such as product color, texture, etc. to help marketers find out what customers are talking about.

Einstein Bots

Customers expect quick, reliable, and effortless ways to solve their problems. Bots allow businesses to connect and delight customers in an instant. They also enhance business processes by answering routine questions, giving agents more time to handle other complex cases.

Einstein Vision

Helps make sense of unstructured data such as images, texts, videos, audio, documents. Organizations can now see an entire conversation through intelligent image recognition.

Einstein Voice

Includes voice assistant and voice bots. Voice assistant helps salesforce users prioritize tasks, as well as logging meeting notes. While customers can benefit from voice bots to speak directly without picking up the phone or logging into a portal.


Einstein helps companies predict better outcomes, worst-case scenarios, and scale to new heights. The integration of Einstein within Salesforce gives organizations access to various tools that would increase their departments’ efficiency, sales, and be on top of their game.

Add meaning to your data through real-time insights about your customers and their brand interactions. Create long-lasting relationships with rule-based tools that drive your business forward.

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