6 Reasons Cloud-Based eCommerce is the Future

Nowadays eCommerce has become a mandatory tool to make any business fully successful. Based on the market analysis, business owners feel that an eCommerce is a huge investment as they fail to get a clear roadmap, or vision, of how it will benefit their company. In a nutshell, most businesses are looking for a B2B or B2C eCommerce solution, but they don’t feel confident to invest until they have a clear understanding on the below six factors:

  1. Return on investment (ROI)
  2. Technology dependencies
  3. Day to day maintenance cost
  4. Building technical staff for eCommerce execution
  5. Limitations and scalability
  6. Fully integrated eCommerce (one throat to choke solution)

Market analysis indicates a good Cloud-based (SaaS) eCommerce solution gives clarity to the above factors and helps businesses increase time to market for their eCommerce needs.

Consider the following six specifics on how cloud-based eCommerce solution clears obstacles for the above factors:

  1. ROI: With SaaS eCommerce, the upfront license purchase and installation cost are eliminated, which reduces the total investment cost and increases ROI.
  2. Technology dependencies: The SaaS concept is a cutting-edge solution. A well-known SaaS eCommerce software would always be built on the latest and greatest technology stack, which reduces technology limitations.
  3. Day to day maintenance cost: SaaS eCommerce is hosted on a cloud environment, which reduces the cost of 24X7 support, upgrades, backup plan, disaster recovery plan, etc.
  4. Building and maintaining a IT staff: With a SaaS eCommerce solution, technical work is easily outsourced to a technology vendor, such as a managed services and security provider (MSSP), which reduces the cost of internal team building.
  5. Limitations and scalability analysis: Looking towards an individual company budget, SaaS eCommerce provides multiple subscription packages like basic, medium, high, advanced, nice to have features, etc…, which helps businesses to invest in eCommerce solutions based on revenue and needs. Also, SaaS eCommerce can be designed for a variety of business models ranging from boutique or start up business to a very large, enterprise level company, curtailing any limitation on usage. Based on requirements, a SaaS solution is able to be upgraded very easily, giving you plenty of runway to grow your business over time.
  6. Fully integrated eCommerce: Cloud-based eCommerce solutions do not have limitations as compared to a fully integrated E-Com system. ERP data, marketing tools, tax calculations, and payment gateway integrations are some of the key integrations available with SaaS eCommerce.

In  summary, with all of the benefits SaaS eCommerce offers companies, it is clear to see why SaaS is rapidly fueling commerce and technology innovations at an explosive speed. In addition to the six reasons listed above, a fully integrated eCommerce solution creates organizational efficiencies, enabling you to focus on your customer more while streamlining your business operations. For more information on how a SaaS eCommerce solution may benefit your business, please visit: