5 Reasons to Look Forward to Sitecore Symposium The Sitecore Optimization Track

At Sitecore Symposium, I am excited to hear stories about how brands and partners are leveraging the latest innovations from Sitecore or the community, especially around Sitecore Experience Commerce. From Voice Commerce integrating Alexa with Sitecore, to leveraging Cortex to personalize their customer’s buying journeys, I am looking forward to exploring trends reshaping the Sitecore that are being implemented today and being proved out for the future. For these reasons, I am looking forward to hearing the following five sessions in the Sitecore Optimization track:

Drive Adoption And Cost Efficiencies By Transforming Self-Service Technology Support In The Enterprise

Tuesday 11:45 am, located at the Dolphin, Southern 1

People have grown accustomed to extraordinary digital experiences in their personal lives and expect the same caliber of experience within the enterprise. In this session, I am looking forward to hearing from Pfizer, an early technology advocate and life sciences trend setter. Pfizer IT is transforming the way it delivers enterprise technology support to drive adoption and achieve cost savings while at the same time providing a great user experience that makes it easier for employees to get work done. I am most interested to hear of Pfizer’s innovation with integrating content management within the Sitecore ecosystem.

An Industry Leader's Journey To A Personalized Customer Experience With Sitecore

Tuesday 2:45 pm, located at the Dolphin, Northern A3-4.

When Coveo, a leader in Insight Engines and AI-powered search, sought to transform its own website to offer a personalized, contextual, and relevant experience for its constituents, the company had to look no further than fellow industry leader, Sitecore. As a longtime technology partner, there was no doubt that Sitecore was the best fit to deliver a superior user experience. In this session, I am looking forward to hearing Coveo share their digital transformation journey and how its team is leveraging the very latest Sitecore capabilities, including xDB. As a leader in product search, especially in B2B and B2C Commerce, I’m looking forward to hearing Coveo’s digital journey perspective, especially as it pertains to integrating with Sitecore.

Improving The Editing Experience For Content Authors At Grand Circle Corporation

Tuesday 4:15pm, located at Dolphin, Southern 2

As a Boston native, I have long admired the digital marketing strategies of the Grand Circle Corporation and how they position themselves in the travel and leisure space. Grand Circle Corporation delivered an Experience Editor makeover to help streamline updates to a complicated content hierarchy in a multi-site setup. I am looking forward to hearing more about how Sitecore helped them make improvements to the content management process, including reorganizing content and implementing creative uses of Experience Editor-only design elements, edit frame options, custom reordering functionality, modification to clones, and an extension to the publishing pipeline. For content editors, this eliminated time-consuming and tedious processes, resulting in a more efficient workflow and a much happier content team. I am also excited to hear how they have leveraged Sitecore to integrate content with external digital marketing solutions.

Legacy To Sitecore – GE Healthcare’s Digital Commerce Transformation

Wednesday 10:00am, located at Dolphin, Southern 2

Because today’s businesses need to keep up with next-generation technologies to stay competitive with digital transformation, I am eager to hear from GE Healthcare as they have a history of being early adopters of technology to support their business model. As a market leader, GE Healthcare is very innovative in the Healthcare and Life Sciences space. I am wanting to hear how they approached their complex integration within the Sitecore ecosystem as GE Healthcare transformed one of its legacy websites into a modular, extensible system and successfully integrated multiple business-critical systems. This session will examine how GE Healthcare met their business goals and helped drive a shift in how the organization delivers a highly-valuable B2B commerce marketplace with targeted marketing capabilities to boost sales and lead generation through Sitecore.

Churn Prediction With The Sitecore xDB and Azure Machine Learning

Wednesday 2:00pm, located at Dolphin, Northern A3-4

This session had me with the concept of being able to use machine learning to do church prediction - detecting the loss of a high-value customer - through Sitecore, as churn prediction is a huge issue in the technology space. The concept that Azure and xDB could help us better predict and eliminate church will be appealing to all technology-based businesses. I am very excited to learn more about leveraging Artificial Intelligence to do real time personalization within Sitecore.

In summary, the advantages technology garners for those who choose to harness it today is truly astounding. The Sitecore Optimization track is full of sessions designed to help companies leverage the most out of their Sitecore investment, improve their customer experiences, and deliver on business metrics. Our XCentium team is excited to be a Titanium Sponsor at this year’s Sitecore Symposium. As a Sitecore Platinum Partner, we truly believe in the power of the leading Digital Experience Platform! We hope that as you journey through this year’s Sitecore Symposium, you will come away with more ideas and tactics to help you improve your digital martech strategies.

If you are curious as to what other sessions are at this year’s Sitecore Symposium, our team has a series of blogs, “5 Reasons to Look Forward to Sitecore Symposium” which explores each session in depth. In addition to the sessions provided by Sitecore, our XCentium crew has designed some special presentations on Predictive Personalization, Implementing Personalization Strategies, Scaling Sitecore for the Super Bowl, Creating Legendary Customer Experiences, and Connecting the Next Big Thing – Voice Commerce. We hope you can join us at Booth 705 to hear from industry experts on how to best leverage your Sitecore investment for the Best ROI possible. Please let us know if you would prefer a private appointment, or if you are unable to attend Symposium and would still like to connect.